Friday, November 30, 2001

hey girls....how come there's been no update the last few days? i have no idea what i've been doing but time seems to be flying... went to this jazz dinner last nigth at mezzonine. the food wasn't fantastic but the music was fine... would have preferred some vocal jazz though. i don't think it was really worth the money. but the ambience was nice.... and it was a warm night...so i wasn't freezing my butt off... poor ben was so stressed out cos he had to dress up for it... surprisingly, not everyone dressed up..some people who turned up were in jeans and casual stuff... but i thought it's nicer when you dress up and be yuppies for a night.

will be going fishing on a boat on sunday with some friends. have never fished in my life before and i am NOT gonna touch slimy fishes either...yuck....

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Sunday, November 25, 2001

i aml glad that i felt horrid today cos i stayed home and managed to catch twin falls idaho.....it's such a lovelylovelylovely melancholy movie with a bitter sweet ending about this pair of siamese twins with a strange and strong bond and how this women...think she is a model actress...made them think of themselves as individuals.....towards the end..one of the siamese twins got really ill and they had to be seperated....cos that sick twin is going to die...i got a bit lost here and there cos i only caught it midway but it is such a nice and tragic movie and it has to be my movie for 2001! the style of cinematography is very subtle yet wonderfully done...the story is also written, directed and acted by a pair of twins.. not siamese in r.l though....
[11/25/2001 7:25:44 PM | girly gang]
i feeel horrid.....
m. :<
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Saturday, November 24, 2001

today is puking day. i puked twice and once in a cafe...hah... totoally grossed out this guy that was sitting next to me...had to leave 2 hours early today...boss was not happyt at all...watabitch. i wanna watch harry potter..my sis is watching the vcd right now... wanted to watch it with her but she was being such a bitch and didnt want to wait for me and started the movie....stell...are u in tokyo right now?? sighhhhhh luckkkkkkkkyyyy u! i wanna travelllll
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Friday, November 23, 2001

hey girls...... i've transfered myself from the packing to sales department......being a promoter is disgusting...i cant get to walk ard and i've to stand for 8 hours doing nothing much at all and by the time i get home [1 hour bus ride!] i'll feel superrr tired and all i wanna do is to sleep so i can wake up in time tom. cos bloody hell i've i've a punch card....i cant get to do my own stuff at all...i feel like a total loser....plussssss i only have like 1percent commission!! so let's seee...... i earned $1.9 today....ackkkk. and only about 5.30 an hour... lluch will cost about 5 bucks and i took a cab today cos i was late ......mannnnnnnnnn i'm earning peanutsssss....not only that i feel totally brain dead from over stoning and the people working at john little are weirrrrrrrrd. althought there is this decent looking yuppie guy with super nicee eyes...but like i care cos he works at J/L...ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!! icant wait for the girlygang to reunite at last!...when is qingya coming back????
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Thursday, November 22, 2001

i have my last paper today......no sleep for 4 days.wish me luck n yeeha i am going to c gayle soooooon

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Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Ok so the confirmed list is


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hi girls!!! just wanna confirm for you guys that i WILL be joining all of you for fat boy slim. yay!!!!!!! i'm so glad! The supplementary papers will be held in feb so if i really do have to sit for one, i'll end up missing CNY. unless my dad is willing to pay for me to fly back after my sup papers for it. i would like that really... need the ang bao money. hehehe.

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Monday, November 19, 2001

anyway i've started work at this aroma threaphy company helping out with their packaing and what i do is basically tie ribbons and do some packaing......pretty fun but i guess it's getting boring....i feel totally brain dead and guilty cos i should be thinking about my final yr project but i've so many sides projects here and there plus i've fianally gotten myself a lovelyyyyyy sewing machine so i'm also trying to make time for that.....arggg
anyway i'm in a horrid mood today yesterday...the day b4...ackackackackakcakca
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girlsssssssssssss hurry home i missss u alll!!!!! shihui! u better join us for fat boy slim!!!!

loveeeeeee mich.
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Sunday, November 18, 2001

i always suspected so.This is how i scored on my Goth test:

0% - 10% (Britney)

Oh dear, oh dear.
Far from being a world destroying DeathKiddy, you appear to enjoy kittens, bunnies and boybands.
Not a cloud enters your sky and all is sweetness and light for you.

Take the DeathKiddy Test!

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Saturday, November 17, 2001

Shihuihui....whyyyy whyyy..You subconciously dont want to come back to sg is it? :( How come so many delays.....I miss you. You better march straight home..uhm NOW.

And dammit how dare you all do so much shopping without me....You all better save your money to shop with me. So shihui i wont buy your fatboy ticket first...The rest pls confirm with me soon...Cos once i buy u all better pay me !!!

I am contemplating taking up driving lessons in dec....but that will probably mean that i wont be able to work...and im turribly broke. I need to drive because i want to go out late at night for supper....the power of greed eh.ANyhows when u fellas come back in Dec lets all go for many midnite movies and suppers.

Mich tell me if u got sloshed at Dickson's party.

Whyy whyyyy. Whyyy have i still got exams on?

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hi girlies!!!! yes, i'm finally back!!!! happy belated birthday mich...really belated... sorry....was too busy studying for exam.. anyway... i was just telling gayle that i might be back in time to go for fat boy slim...so pissed off...i'll tell you guys on monday wat's confirmed. what happened was that i did really really badly in my last paper and i'm afriad i might fail it so i will prob wait till after the sub paper dates before going home. that last exam was so crap... i seriously dun think i'll pass... curses!!!

mich: you know what you should do? i think you should go look for a bomoh and put a curse on that bastard who's sabotaging you. i have no idea what you ever did to deserve this. dun worry, dear, we'll all be on your side!

anyway....exams finally over and ui'm free... just went shopping with gayle today ...i bought so much stuff!!! shit... and we're going to fremantle tomorrow, bet i spend even more money, and monday we'll be going shopping in the expensive suburb....(spend even more money), and on tuesday, we'll be going to the lovely beach!!!!(if the weather permits.)

gayle won't let me send her to the airport, please convince her that it's safer for me to send her than to let her take a cab there alone.....
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Friday, November 16, 2001

Eh that is seriously freaky ok....are you sure its not Dixon pulling a practical joke?

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Thursday, November 15, 2001

ive been so suay today...this stupid ass has been calling all my friends and trying to pick them up and telling them that he got their no from me....shit man... someone must really hate me anyway i made a police report but i dont think it will be of much help... this is my first police report! not very exciting though....
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i am terribly angsty today. I feel like Michael Jackson.

I want to go outt.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

i think i am suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.I have been feeling tired constantly even though I have so much sleep for the past few days...and I will wake up with this immense throbbing headache and get it for the rest of the day. I wonder if its the heat or I am seriously getting some fatigue disease..or perhaps diabetes!Help! My days are numbered.

I feel lucky these few days. First I passed my driving test and next I managed to get back my same room for next year..thats like miracle against miracles after the terrible lie I told my housing supervisor. I think god finally sees me! I am gloating!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

She tells her love while half asleep,
In the dark hours,
With half-words whispered low:
As Earth stirs in her winter sleep
And puts out grass and flowers

Despite the snow,
Despite the falling snow.


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happy deepavali!

its fucken depressing ok.....everybody in Singapore will be going out to Serangood Road to watch supercool Indians in trance and skewed to those large uh, skewers and i am stuck at home mugging for my exams that occur in a weeks time.....Trying my best to squeeze in info but my eyes are so heavvvy.Whyyy...whyyy can i go to Wong San's this friday..Whyyyy why cant i celebrate deepavali tm...i love indian food man.

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Monday, November 12, 2001

hey girls..my exam is finally over! I am officially on a 3 mth break! oh btw, shihui wants either stel or mich to help get tix for fat boy slim. We are all going rite?
yes stel..u have finally joined me and discover the beauty of acid jazz and all the groovy beats. I love incognito too! U should go check out brand new heavies as well..
And mich, cheer up! Lifes still a long way to go and don't worry in any situation I am in a worse state than u are..I have been feeling like an absolute loser in recent weeks. I am starting to believe that I have some sore of inferiority complex and suffer from low self esteem. But! I must admit that yesterday's affirmation with u girls made me feel better and I slept quite well after that.hehhhh..
The birthday pix are quite nice..the girl in spaghetti strap..is she pam?

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hey girls...i spend the whole of today feeling miserable still and making meringue...i hate meringue..they are disgustingly sweet with a gross aftertaste...yuckyuck besides that i've been stuffing myself with one stick of chocolate coated vanilla icecream...one pack of lays potatoe chip..one coconut drink...i feel sickkkk.......and terribly depressed....anyway here are some of my bday pics... i didnt bring my cam along to orange..what a waste....

this is the menu for our bossanova party that is probably not going to happen since most of my classmates have found jobs...
-syrup ice cubes with fruit
-drunken pears
-peach wrapped with raw salmon
-strawberries with whipped cream
-frozen yoghurt cubes with pistachios
-watermelon cubes with sour plum powder
-mango and prawn salad
-pound cake with chocolate fudge and milo powder
-abalone and mushroom
-spring rolls
-mini omelettes with crab mayo
-marshmellow sheep muffins
-lemon meringue cake
-shephard's pie
-mashed potato with bacon bits

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me n a surprised? andre at innergrooves

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Sunday, November 11, 2001

G: Yeah. she even went to download the song and burnt it into a cd so that she could play me the song i want.....I swear she is such a sweetie.
EH guys i went for innergrooves yesterday, its this acid-jazz open air concert from 6pm-3am at fort canning park wif acts from japan n UK.....Im totally not into groovy music but i tell u the lineup was fantastic and the crowd was beautiful!!!!!! Lots of angmohs n panasians who were really 'on' and the mood was fantastic.No pesky kids cos the min age limit was 18...I had a lot of fun n my legs are still aching from dancing all night.I liked Incognito, Soul Bossa Trio and Freestylers v much! V goood music....much much better than expected.....totally worth 55 bucks n i am the happiest broke person in the world!

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Saturday, November 10, 2001

hey stel thats real cool of tanya to do that..so shes still dee jaying for perfect 10? Is she gonna be there on a permanet basis. Wowee we have celebrity friends. I hope she remembers me too!hehhh
And mich..your 20th birthday celebration sounds quite fantastic. U finally got out of your house and did some partying on your birthday! I am glad that u enjoyed yourself..We are 20 and getting older. It's sad to bid the final days of our teenhood goodbye..sigh..
I think I really need to expand my social circle..I am getting worried that I am getting less and less friends as I get older.Help!
right now I shall just worry about exams first


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Friday, November 09, 2001

Hey girls,
Tanya Thomas msged me the other night on icq and we were talking for a bit when she said that she was doing the late-night shift at Perfect 10 tonight... *GASP FOR AIR*..ANyhows she was such a sweetheart, she said she'd play the first song for me so i picked out Fiona Apple's Angel as first choice n The Cure's Just like Heaven second choice....I felt like such a total teenager again, crouched at the radio, recording my 'dedication' , totally mesmerized by the radio haha! ANyways ehs called me "lovely Stella" on National Radio! WHoopee! ANd she played the Fiona SOng i wanted too....ah, the benefits of being friends of celebrities hurhur!\

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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

hey gayle...got ur card..it's just on time thanks!!
girlss.. my birthday parties ended today morning with me sprawling in my toilet feeling terrible....
met up with my secondary school classmate on tuesday...we pigged out at cyrstal jade with seafood hor fan...some fried stuff and yummy thick crab soup with corn...watched the princess dairy...i love teeny movie so i guess it was pretty entertaining for me. then we had mudpie at nydc! my fav food for 2000....and we went shopping...boughts some undies and this lovely sweater at top shop cos there is this 20% discount off items if purchased on birthdays....bumed into one of my secondary friend and she actually sang a birthday song for me in the shop...super embarassing. went to meet up with studiomates...ate MORE foood! goodness i was so bloody stuffed...then we went to embargo...girlssssss the place is really great for chilling out... very nice ambience and cafe del mar kinda music..think u all will love it there. we had 2 jugs of long island tea for 65 bucks a jug!!! crazy rightttttttt! then the bloody bartender introuced us to this supposedly potent drink called sex on the beach but it tasted like strawberry syrup...think we got tricked man...anyway the whole night ended with me super pissed after an argument with dickson about design issues.. so gek!!!!!
went partying again yesterday with my current classmates at orange cos they all thought my bday was on the 16th... we were still supposed to go to lesbo night on Tuesday but we didnt make it...anyway...it' was ladies night and freee flow plus my friend won a bottle of soon to be expired white wine so we had loadsss to drink... i got there at 1130? and i was greeted with lovelyyyyy tulipsss..so touched! it was the first time i've received flowersss!!!gagaga they bought me apple strudel!! my fav food of 2001...hehe.and they got me this lovelyyyyy retro top with butterfly sleeves..... we got q. drunk somewhere towards the end and stared dancing on seats and swinging their pingpong ball chandelier ard and the bouncer told us off….super embarrassing but who cares! then we played follow the leader and at one point london bridge and we did some parts of the great singpoare work out...ahahaha think we were madddd...we stayed till it ended then there is this choa ah beng called ekin that chase my classmates ard the dance floor when we slow dance...hahahah so funny......i was still super drunk in the cab and think i insulted the tazi driver here and there and he told us he wont charge midnight surcharge and even gave us his namecard...what nonsense mannn! the cab fare was like 23 bucksss can! when i got home i was still verrrry drunk...think i'm ggoing to get it from my dad when he comes home tonight...and i was feeling super nauseous but good thing i didnt puke!


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Monday, November 05, 2001

its here! my room!

it is brighter in real life


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Saturday, November 03, 2001

hey girlss if ure wondering y the page is totally bare that's cos we've moved to a new site as in this blogspot will no long be our index page...http://www.envy.nu/girlygang/index.html

but mannnn envy.nu is sooo bloddy slow and lousy and it takes forever to upload files..even the ftp is a problem ... so the page might take forever to load till i find us a new server...and the deisgn is just temp. ehh whip it out in 30mins..so dont hiep...feeling very lazy now.
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fatboyslim @ fort canning green on 7th Dec! $51 pre-sale tix?/
how true is this?? girlsss go find out and i'll go buy tickets noww
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haha stel the girl wearing a cereal costume turned out to be my friend's friend!Haha..what a small world..
Come to think of it, I have not spoken to Qingya in ages. I am just glad to know that shes still alive in New york. I bet she doesnt even visit this site at all...
I think I am back to my shopaholic days..been wanting to buy stuff everyday even though I am so broke!hhehhe
Went to Fremantle today and spent all my money on food!!!I ate so much that I feel pretty nauseous..but I had a great day despite the rain!
Watched Zoolander as well..its so funny!Girls, I strongly recommend u all to watch it!Haha..its like a male version of legally blonde but funnier!!

I miss partying..I can't wait to go clubbing when I get back to Singapore..u all better be free.. I really want to go to centro and embargo..and where else? Liquid room and dlb O sounds quite fun too..when when when???

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Michh...i think your doll looks like a fake kewpie doll...I hate dolls....all thanks to Chucky-doll of our childhood. I still like Barbie dolls though, and i am obsessed with buying clothes for my kid sister's barbies altho she doesnt really appreciate them. I think this was the earliest hint of my shopperholicalism. :)

Hey guess what..I finally saw that elusive woman Qingya on ICQ yesterday. She msged me and told me she kinda broke up with Arthur about a month ago and that she is super relieved because he wasnt her type at all. Well, things seem to be hunkydory for her.

Argh, back to work.


oooh ps: I saw your friends on tv mich...the paperdolls.....i thought they looked so ridiculous! HA! The funniest costume i saw was this girl wearing a bloody cloth covered with cereal boxes...because she was a 'cereal' killer........HAHAHAHHHHHHHHAHAHA
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Friday, November 02, 2001

ok here is my list...girls go and fill urs up ok???
1)Name/Nick/Age –
(2) Girlfriend/Boyfriend – none

(3) What do you do when you feel bad? – cry? take a nice hot shower…lie down on the floor in the middle of my room in the dark
(4) Do you always tell the truth? - no
(5) Are you happy? – generally yes
(6) Do you believe in God? - . definitely

(7) Do looks matter? – only to the extend of having good skin

(8) Politics? – 3rd wave feminism…
(9) Do you think homosexuals should be allowed to adopt? - no
(10) What is the meaning of life? – dunno I’ve not finish with living

(11) Do you think everything was better in former times? – I love the 70s and 60s…people are sooo creative then… everything now seems to be a big rip off from the past.. the whole retro movement and neo-anything art movements are just a cover up for the lack of creatitvity.

(12) Would you consider yourself intelligent? – I know I’m not stupid

(13) Listens to? -. Indie pop/ rock and abit of jazz ..

(14) Friends? – yes and I love them all

(15) Self-Confidence (1-10)? – 6 and increasing

(16) Immigration? – I would love to …ny or London? I’m a city person

(17) Are you a feminist? – nope but all my male classmates think so…

(18) Make-up? – minimal. I take less than one min to put on makeup..heh

(19) Pessimist/Optimist? – used to be very pessimistic but am trying to be more optimistist!

(20) Do you have a good relationship with your parents? – yes!

(21) Most negative quality? – punctuality? Procrastination?
(22) Do you have a life? –sadly only during the holidays? I’m quite a workaholic…at least that’s what a lot of pple say

(23) Can you manage without the Internet? – yes but not well
(24) What's your opinion on big occasions such as Xmas, etc? – love them
(25) How do you dress? – right now a lot of knitted long sleeves tops and jeans despite the weather
(26) Favorite Color? - green
(27) Is your hair dyed? - yes
(28) Organ Donor? -

(29) Do you fear death? - yess
(30) What means the most to you? – people I love
(31) Are you popular? – ive friends….
(32) Are you social? – no I’m super tao but I can be very sociable if I’m up to it or drunk

(33) Who would you most like to be? – right now…a tai tai but other wise..a rich and famous graphic artist

(34) You biggest dream? It’s constantly changing…right now I want live in a beach house and have beautiful children.
(35) What are you afraid of? –being mediocre
(36) Are you happy with the way you look? – most of them time when I’m not having pimple breakouts
(37) Height/Weight? 171/2? cm 49-53kg
(38) Do you think your weight is OK? – uh huh

(39) Is there extra-terrestrial life? nope
(40) Do you have an obsession? – yes contantly..i’ love being obsessed with stuff…like colours ..toys..blahblah cameras ..

(41) Do you feel stressed? – most of the time

(42) What is PLUR? - dunno

(43) Do you believe in horoscopes? – only when it comes to analyzing one’s personality.

(44) What starsign are you most like? – my own…

(45) Do you believe in the universal right of freedom of speech? – whatever…

(46) Satanism? -

(47) Christianity? – I’m a back sliding one

(48) Do you like school? – nope I hate my school like anything …I only enjoy doing school work

(49) What would you do if you ruled the world for one day? –lazy to think right now

(50) Addicted to anything? - milo

(51) Easy to sleep? – huh?

(52) Do you like philosophy and psychology? – I like psychology….went thought this period of time when I read up all about clinical depression and all the serial killers at crime library.com but tt was 3 years ago
(53) Who would you want to hurt right now? –h** s** t*** I want to hurt him bad!

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Check out this lovely doll I bought from china town while sourcing for materials..hehe

Hey girls…think I’m finally free at last.. I know I’ve announced this like 3 times but I’m q. sure I’m finally done with all my projects! My whole body is aching like mad from not sleeping well/ at all for 5 days…my fingers are swollen from cutting all those bloody foam boards and doing mocks up….mannnnn I need a good holiday! I’m supposed to go for my surprise bday party later but I called ex studiomate to tell him that I cant exactly make it today… really I just too tired to get out of bed… and guess what girls! B***e is the one who organized this party for meee …so she’s not pissed with me anymore! But weve not talked to each other for nearly a month and it’s just going to be really weird when we finally meet up…
Btw I need a job! Stella..got any lobangs? I’ve been overspending my parents money on projects and taxi rides despite the economy crisis..i feel super guilty!! Still I expect a bday gift from them..hehe okok girls help me decide. Should I be really practical and get useful stuff like a tablet for digital illustration and an anti virus software or should I just make myself really happy by getting a toys r us voucher and get all the toys I want…:D been eyeing at the beatles figurines for ages alreadyyyy….gagaga.or should I just get a voucher from basher graphic books..so I can get all the yummy graphic design books ??
Btw any recommendation of good books to read?

Stel: centro on Sunday sounds fun..i might just go with my studio mates as well…
Shihui gayle….don’t overwork!and come back soon…. or maybe I should just to go perth for my holidays so we can all come back together?


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Girls.....i feel so guilty man....my exams start on the 20th and ive been partying partying partying.

Just got back from Mohd Sultan wif my Uni mates...Went to Liquid Room( q nice crowd,atmosphere), Club Q and Dbl O. I got ushered in free at Liquid Room.....felt so like a babe ok,haha. The doorbitch and bouncer let us cut the super loooooong queue outside and all the pple queuing outside were giving us dagger eyes i imagine...Before tt went halloween partying on weds (boring failure), last week got puked out at Xuan Bar...OK THATS IT. I MUST WORK HARD NOW! I will spend my weekend at the library studying..promise....but sunday going to Centro for my final bash..Centro Boyz Nite...Its a v fun gay party night...After tt i will hermitize at home...promise........

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Thursday, November 01, 2001

Hey girls!
I am finally done with my 3000 word essay..spent an entire morning and night doing it! Gee, I can't bear the sight of words anymore. I think I shall treat myself to a whole weekend of not doing anything and basking out on my balcony. Summer's here and the weather is getting hotter each day. The flies are a real nuisance as well..I swear they keep squating on my face and looking for every opportunity to fly into my nostril or mouth!
I cannot wait for exams to be over. Even though I have only got 1 exam , I have completely lost touch on exam techniques all that kind of shit! It's a law paper and I guess I have lots of memorising to do! I better take back my words abt rotting away this weekend.
How did u all spend Halloween? I spent it fretting away in the school lab trying to write my essay. My housemates planned some Halloween dinner but I chose not to attend cos I am tired of the same group and I am tired of socialising. Was that mean of it? In fact, I think they looked pretty displeased. Aiyah heck lah!I got more impt things to worry abt, like exams and housing, or even flies trying to fly into my nostril!

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hi girls...sorry if i've been ignoring you recently..... been much too busy with uni. I've major assignments due this week and was in school whole of last weekend doing my work, coming home only in the wee hours of the morning... in fact, i just came home from school. it's not that bad actually...except for the fact that the sun is alrteady starting to rise and it's too bright for me to sleep....so i'm gonna wait till 6am, drive down to macDonalds and get myself a breakfast meal.....STARVING..........more hungry than tried, really.......i've class at 11....which is why, i'm trying not to sleep now cos if i do sleep, i know i won't wake up in time for class or to hand in my assignments

I'll prob not be updating teh blog in the next 2 weeks since i've only 1 week to study for my exams so spare me!!!!
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