Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sorry girlies, for not been updating.

My life now has become void of the chance encounters, or fun and absurd happenings and it leaves me with not much to report. It’s bland, I would say. Though I still holding on my not- that- fantastic job, my personal life is in limbo. On many fronts. There just seems that I can’t write much about on the blog.

Nights out, dinners, clubbing, and days at coffee shops. Girl's days out at the salon or gym workout session, girls and boys days out at the beach, and even ogling at hot guys of what we did in Oz land seems so distant now.

Anyhow, I'm fiddling with the notion of a asking one of you guys to be my marathon training partner. Any takers eh?

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the cat hotel outside my neighbours house:


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Sunday, July 25, 2004

sob, i just realise i'm allergic to the the kitten, munch. spent half the night sneezing my head off and my eyes were watering like mad... but i refuse to stop playing with him. he's too adorable....:)

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Hello girlies,

as once requested by one of you, here are some shots of the perth sky. Been having pretty good weather these few days though it does get chilly. These were taken on a fishing trip.

some little animal we saw on the road side. they're everywhere!!

went for a bbq by canning river yesterday...

see my friend's little cat, munch.

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we went to clarke quay today and found clip on ties.

someone pls tell mich tt fingers do not make realistic moustaches. heh.


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Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'm v worried now! My mother coming home from work found a little girl screaming at the 4th floor crushed by a bike. She had rolled down the stairs from the 5th floor while she was trying to carry it and dislocated her arm. Anyway my mom rushed home to get a sling and i followed her down to the girls home (2 flrs under mine).

There was nobody at home except the girl who was only 3 years old, and her sister who was 5....i cant believe anyone would leave such young kids alone at home and allow them to roam abt. :(

The two kept crying and crying cos they were realli scared and refused to call their father cos they would get scolded. When we finally managed to coax them to tell us, we couldnt get him anyway cos he was a driver and couldnt pick up his phone. The mother was uncontactable, we tried their grandma, but no one was home..luckily they had a young uncle (maybe 18-20?)living two blocks away who rushed down in abt 10 mins to take her to the hospital. He kept scolding and scolding them tho, and im really worried now and i feel so sorry for the poor little girl. While we were waiting the crying older girl actually went to finish washing her school shoes outside her flat . They are really pretty tiny girls, and ive seen them around before as we take the same lift. If i rem right the parents are really young....i hope she's ok now, i wonder when i'll see her again. Soon, i hope.

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Friday, July 23, 2004

hi old friends, tragedy struck in my family. a baby's lost. it's so sad. i can't imagine how they must feel now. wedding will go as planned but living arrangements are still in discussion. will be back on the 10th till around the 14th. looking forward to seeing the gang again.
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Thursday, July 22, 2004

http://stels.diaryland.com has some of my old jc stuff +  a few of my favourites. its a super old + un-updated site but if anyone wants to relive those embarressing dramatic heartwrenching moments of ours... well, they're all here. its a little bit of all of us + me.

they are soo painfully childish, now when i read it again but i think that i really cherished those emotions!
also, ive started a secret lurp diary of my own,  godforbid it is ever seen by the person i love. maybe one day it will be a wedding gift or a parting gift, depending.

i never ever want to forget. 
sometime last month i lost a lot of precious stuff when my comp crashed on me grr >:(


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Salut mon amies,
         Ca va? Tout bien? Was taking French as a summer class (the last class I took to graduate...yeah, I am finally done with school! And out of Binghamton for good...hated it sooo much it hurts) J'aime bien francais mais j'adore italien! I still like italian better.
         Anyway, sorry for not blogging for such a long time...again. Things have been really bad the past 2 months. My depression is back (though not half as bad as the one I suffered for 10 months from oct 2002 to aug 2003) and I am seriously going crazy... I am so depressed I cry uncontrollably from time to time. I just can't help it! I HATE this problem of mine (Shihui, u know what it is...that problem that I suffered from last year and thus I had to see a shrink and take tons and tons of prozac....I'm losing it again....a relapse. Shihui, heelllp). Wenny has helped me a lot when I would call her in london last month (I would cry uncontrollably but I really couldn't help it. I hate it when I'm soo weak and vulnerable). Henrik is trying to help me too. Next to my parents, they know every bit of my craziness (tho they would tell me I am not crazy). Henrik is the last strand of happiness I am grabbing on to so tightly here in new york. He makes me so happy. Without his help, I think I would really have totally lost it. So in a sense, I am sad and happy at the SAME bloody time all the time.
           Alright, so much for my depressing talk. I will be going back to Singapore on Aug 3! I can't wait! My mom is hooking me up with my shrink again on that very day I return. Damn I am gonna be jetlaagged. Anyway, I would be back for a few months before going to europe. So please meet up with me as often as you girls can. You make me happy and I really need that. Can't wait to be home but at the same time I don't wanna leave Henrik... See you soon!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Need some advice regarding my dinner dress dilemma. not getting much help in OZ.
found 2 possible dresses but one of them is more of a cocktail dress like this assymmetrical one here but in turqouise. the other one's more fomal, long speghetti strap dress. grey with black trimmings. has a slit on one side. can't find a photo of it. same price. the grey one's more formal. nice but boring and i think the turquoise one is more wearable in future. what do u girls think of  the cocktail dress? let me know asap. meeting the designer of the grey dress tomorrow to see what magic she can weave.

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Monday, July 19, 2004

Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember.
Oscar Levant (1906 - 1972) 

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hello girls.

I’ve been away for the past 2 days from 8am to 8pm for photo shoot sessions. My boss made me the producer. And frankly, thou I think I do a pretty good job but I kinda dreaded being one. I still like being a copywriter. Why if you ask me? Afterall as a producer, I goggle over hunks and babes for my job, I can go shopping for props and of course I order/boss people to do things my way. :P

Basically I call the shots when I’m out for a photo shoot. I do learnt more about set up and art drection pointers from my art director and photographers. However, the interaction, esp I have with the models are kinda shallow, mostly daily fair weather chit chat, and I do coordinate what they wear on shoot, tell the stylist what kind of make up and hair and clothes they should have. Of course, I’m in charge of the catering/security too. hahha It’s all fun, but I think interacting with those beautiful models (all of them are mostly himboo/bimboo, rich tai tai or have some super duper rich boyfriend. I dreaded it somehow!

I felt so bored working with these folks. I think perhaps, I’m a jaded person, just like every other advertising folk. I seriously question the road my life has taken and I endlessly rehash the compromises I have made in my life. Take for instance, for lunch today I rather chill out and dig on my own reading and eat alone in tiny corner than to sit amongst the models to chit chat. Dun get me wrong, I sincerely do think they are nice folks to work with, but girls, we all do know that continued problem solving expands the tree like dendrites to create networks of nerve connections. Probably, gucci and prada having sale doesn’t excite me much at all.

However, once you get stucked in a routine, the brain nerves will just shrink. Who can really blame models who they aint exactly intellectual in the first place? They do earn big bucks just by posing. If there is anything I’ve learnt for every photo shoot, this is it. I've learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades, and there had better be a lot of money to take its place! eEcondly, I've also learned that one shouldn't compare yourself to others - more often they are more screwed up than you think. I wonder, why do these people have to put up with halfway relationships so as not to have to worry about loneliness?

This two days have been eye opening, I hear way too many stories at the shoot. where the models have rich husbands and bloody loaded, with cute kids and they are often bored as their husband is not around at their side, that’s why they do modeling/bring their kids for modeling shoots and they pick up all sort of classes for their kids and kill time.

Man, should I ever have the luxury not to work for money, I would probably have my own gallery, so that i read more challenging books, do more crosswords puzzles, memorize poetry, learn a foreign language, play chess do pilates and of course volunteering/mission work.


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i was reading yesterday's papers and sandy lam quoted Roberta Flack's song on the end of her marriage.

"Love is a rush of wild wind/
The scent of a summer rose/
A whistle blowing down the distant track/
And when it goes, it goes."

so moving.
think its a really old/obscure track tho cos i cant find it anywhere.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

stella said ive not been blogging and so i shall!
so far ive been having the best time back home... :>
ok i need to go out now..cont' later.
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today i made creme brulee. a fused recipes from cosmo and from the cook book mich gave me. i love it... we tucked into the creme brulee then realised i forgot to take pictures to show all of you. a little watery but the crust was just right... gotta perfect my technique... hyuk hyuk...

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had my grad ceremony this morning, i was late!! :)

there's me swishing past the screen and a tiny me flying past the stage.

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Monday, July 12, 2004

hi girlies,

thanx so much for your wonderful company while i was back. It's been so great to see (almost) everyone again. i'm sure you all knew how happy i was, stel thought i was going a bit cuckoo when we were in JB.

still deciding about bangkok or s'pore. still trying to figure out my timetable as well. not all units are confirmed yet. but i do have my results already and i did well, though not ecstatically happy about it. i think i've come to demand too much from myself nowadays. not good, not good... will crash and burn some day.

angie's little bunnies

just realised i have no pictures of gayle

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hello girls...

I just found out i have 4 free invites to the Wardrobe show,showcasing baylene, garcon collections at Zouk on this coming july 16th. That's a friday night ladies. Each invites entitles to 2 persons. So how girls? (Gayle, im looking at you). Shall we all go and have a little R&R? Leave comments on the blog ya?

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the scary gingerbread men my mom made. i got a whole jar of them but nobody ate any yet.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

hello girlies......
shihui aka jerri, and i tot that this would make things easier......
So the plan for tm is to meet at Newton for dinner 1st. Gayle will onli be done ard 10pm plus, so she will join us wen she's done.
We shall discuss where/wat we gonna do after dinner, during dinner okie.
Now the qn is: wat time can gals can make it down to newton for dinner la??
please indicate a time, so we can arrange something oke.....??
thanx n see yall tm!!! (",)

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they're back!

at starlight cinema:

no pics of jb..i wonder when all of us will get to "travel" together again !


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Friday, July 02, 2004

Hello dears.

Was partying up till like 4am at the dimitri gig last nite at Zouk. I was just frantically, dancing away frustrations of all sorts. Sorry girls, didn't notice any hot guys there. My feet is glued to the dance floor with shitloads of drinks at bay! And it feels so good. God bless 1 for 1, midnight madness!
The sucky part, i have to work today 9am and face shit at work. Yeah, doing shitty work despite of a slight hangover.

Note to myself: Hang out more with the girly gang. Drink less, Excercise more. Find time to read. And of course, never allow insignificant people wear me down.

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