Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hello my lovlies....
Happy boxing day.

Sorry that I couldnt blog, access or even read the blog for a while. So how is every one doing? I know stella is in Suzho now as i blog. I have so much to catch up for this blog. Ahhh.. The joys of blogging. Well, girlies, I ate so much for xmas and i actually quite disgusted by the sheer amount of crap that i ate for the festive holidays. I feel so fat now! Im going to the gym and work out tomoorrow. And the other hand, upon reflection, I did get to drink as much than I should've or needed to. I blame on the beijing chilly winterwonderland. But at least it worked, I slept well these days, I won't say like a baby, but at least immediately.

Well, the pollution is beijing is still as bad even if cold. In fact, every forgeiner i know who stay in beijing has somesort of phlegm comes the promise of a dry cough. Any of you girls know what to take to smoothe the throat? I tried honey with lemom, drinking funky almond drink and the classic "pei pa gao" doesnt work. Sigh! The weather.

Today during boxing day lunch with another co-worker. She's somewhat up my boss from the account servicing side. Is that a expat question that most junior get asked by th eir boss? Maybe.. i have no clue... She asked me casually if I was happy at work in beijing. To be brutally honest girls, I'm busy and fullfilled and consumed by work. The little pockets of happiness i experience every now and then cracks me up. I'm really thankful for what ive got and sometimes i be lying if im say its all roses. It's been a struggle for me in alot of ways. One thing i do know is that, it really doesn't take much to make me smile, and it sure as hell isn't money.

Brighter note. I will be back home for Chinese new year and i cant wait. In the meanwhile,stay tune to your inboxes and i promise that i write more. In all... I miss you guys and Happy holidays once again.

Love always

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

hi my darlings!

just planning x'mas now... trying to figure a way to deliver pressies those in s'pore. i'm too broke to mail them over so i'm thinking of sending them through ben's parents and i was wondering if qingya can pick them up from their place and deliver/distribute to the rest of you for me. i haven't asked them yet but i don't think it would be a problem.

to those overseas, sorry, i'm really quite broke, i'm afraid i can't afford postage. but rest assure my thoughts would be with you.

i hope everyone will have a good x'mas. it's my first x'mas away from my family and beloved friends. i'm going to try to enjoy it the best i can and i hope you all will too. once again, i'm sorry about being away from you all during this time and breaking our tradition. but i guess we knew sooner or later, things would change. it's comforting to know that the gang will always be around though.

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