Monday, June 28, 2004

yay! mich is back! everybody go apply leave on 15th (tues)and all i can say abt jerrica is that she is the biggest conwoman....

on a sad note, i came home to find one of my older hamsters, george, had quietly passed away. he looked exactly like he was taking a nap..sob. somehow u just never get used to a pet dying. my little sister went to bed with tears rollin down her cheek.

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Duh question of the day!
People ask me why im fair skinned. Duh rite? Can i choose which shade that i'm born with? Have you looked at your average cubicle folk or indie-rock person lately? I do not like the sun very much! In fact, I hate it a lot! They give me bad breakout that causes bad freckles too. Or at least I do not tend not to tan very well. You can almost see my veins through my skin (sometimes they look more blue than green ). It's pretty sad but true.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

My club just had a Peranankan themed night on Friday and it was a major disaster on the operations side! The only good thing about this event was the dressing up part. Almost all the girls got sponsored a rented kebaya each. I chose a mint green one, with intricate floral patterns at the edge. I love it! The hard part was pinning the kerosong (some kind of brooch) on the kebaya. The brooches kinda weigh the whole outfit down, and half the time I was worrieed that the fabric might give way, especially when I'm up on the stage or something.

Yay i'm off today..so happy!

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

my mind is on totally childish things today...im enamoured with the new Nokia Ngage QD! I hated the look of the phone when i first saw it but one day i picked it up at the shop and starting playing the sims, what can i say? i was hooked.

the graphics of the thing is impressive! and i love how its so responsive unlike my current hp games (which im also addicted to).PLUS im such a fan of all things sims. personally tho, this phone is comparable to the gameboys i used to own but im not sure if its as good as the latest gameboy sp but thats another tempting toy as well.

so, bottom-line:
Gameboy Sp (188)+ the sims (60)= $248
Nokia Ngage (268) + the sims (60?)= $328 but i get a (huge-ass) phone thrown in.

i dunno which i shd get and if i shd get anything at all! my current phone is only a month old but i can trade it in i suppose.

HOW? (angie im looking at u)

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Friday, June 25, 2004

hello,just saying hi and that im still up at 814am cleaning my room. left it in a huge mess when i was dressing to go out earlier...i've got a clothes carpet right about now. listening to fields of gold on the radio its such a lovely simple moving song!

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This looks way cool
Let's party girls? Takers?

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i think i'm getting sick. can't stop sneezing, constant headache... oohhh...i'm going to have a horrible weekend in bed.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I have to get this wicked soundtrack! The movie imagery and the tunes has been humming in my ears for the whole of this week. If anything, that's a sure sign to get this baby home during the weekend. No! I will get that soundtrack.

During the movie, i went through very sad emotions and teared quite a fair bit, when angie, gayle and me were watching the movie afew weeks ago. I'm a sucker for such genre of movies i suppose. These movies make me feel like a little girl who had gotten herself lost in a crowded shopping mall and they do evoke my inner feelings in a deep way. The notion of feeling lost, or even losing that someone you've grown to like is something all of us could relate to.
Deep inside, I wished that "Sandy and Tachibana" should have spent the day lying on the couch with her head propped up on his lap, instead of jumping into the river.

Girls, please go get the DVD. It's really a good movie.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

so its decided then, ive accepted the place for law. im happy, excited, worried,scared and thankful . considering i sucked + went for the interview in flipflops while everyone else was in formal clothes, i am more than surprised that i made it.

im a little sad as well cos most of my peers are moving on to masters (its my 2nd choice). i will def miss them sorely, but well we will be in the same school and our faculties are next to each other so i suppose it wont be *that* terrible afterall. i cant just stay in my comfort zone forever,i have to pull ahead somehow..
for now its adieu to becoming Dr Teo and hello to Ms Teo (LLB).

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FINALLY!!! i've finished my exams!!!!!!!!


i'm back to complete my blog. i had actually just finished my exam and was waiting for my friend to finish his, when i was blogging. i went to the labs to blog while waiting and he came out just 5 minutes after me, not giving me enough time to finish blogging. so here we go....

such a treat to be at home now, i've been in school most of my waking hours mugging for exams. the last one was uncommonly simple. we were hoping that it would be similar to last year's paper cos that was easy and straight forward enough. turned out that 80% of the exams were exactly the same. It was a real hoot. i've got no reason not to get a HD for this java exam, seeing i've already taken the more advance java unit in undergrad. i wish all my papers were this easy... i just hope the rest went well as well.

Finally!!! i've got hot water running in the taps!!! for the past week, i had to boil water in a pot and shower fomr a bucket cos the hot water tap broke and we had to switch the main off. called the landlady and they took ages to get the plumber in. called so many times to bug them and finally it's done!!! i can take a good hot shower now... esp cos now is winter, it horrible to have to take a bucket shower.
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Monday, June 21, 2004

After 4 big bottles of Heineken beer with my 2 Art directors. This is the random thought * 257* for tonight! Sigh! I seem like I’m going to burn my night working hey?

This is not in reference to anyone specifically. I've felt like all I really, really want out of my life right now, is to have someone whom I can go home to and just spend time with, cocooned away in our little world away from everything else.

Both of us don't have to do anything exciting, don't have to do anything interesting, we can cook at home, go grocery shopping, watch movies, read, listen to music, drink wine/beer/tea. Whatever, so long as we do those things together. That's all I want. So simple. Yet, apparently so difficult.


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Sunday, June 20, 2004

hi girlies,

nothing much to blog about... last exam tomorrow and i'm constantly in a half dazed mode. drinking red bull not helping that much.. sleeping patterns all screwed up....slept for 4 hours last night from 11pm to 3 am... i think my body thought it was a nap and not proper sleep....stupid bodyclock. spend the rest of the day like a zombie.

was studying in the uni labs yesterday and there was this couple sharing the labs with me and they were gross!!!! i honestly didn't know what to do.... i had my headphones on and was head banging to my CDs (to wake myself up) when i noticed at the corner of my eye something was going on. they weren't just kissing. you go figure the rest. can't see exactly what was going on, but i know it's something dodgy. and the security camera was pointing right at them!!! i refused to leave that lab cos the other labs were all sooo noisy and i didn't want to be bullied into leaving. finally a friend came to join me and was shocked to find me in that lab, of all labs. some people have no shame. someone said they prob just have a fetish about it. GO GET A ROOM FOR PETE'S SAKE! SOME PEOPLE HAVE THEIR DIGNITY AND SOME PEOPLE HAVE EXAMS TO STUDY FOR!!!

can't wait till tomorrow. i'll be free!!!!!...i'll sleep for 2 day 2 nights and go clubbing and watch dvds all day....bwahahahaha!!!!
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Saturday, June 19, 2004

hey girls,
ill be back in a week and VERY psyched about it. today, J. P and A moved out from the flat. they found their own place. it's really sad seeing them go...cos there were they first friends i made outside my flat, in the halls. Ok so i might not get along with J but, we hang out in his room for abit before they left and it made me fel all nostalgic cos i use to hang out in his room all the time when i just got here....
this has indeed been a good 10 months. i am turly happy! met incredible pple, pple i can relate to and pple just like me...lived wiht the best flatmates..till today... i just love them more, they are really like family to me...one eccentric family that watches porn, go to goth clubs and bitch, play dirty tricks on bad bfs and truly look out for each other..(ill miss them the mostt if we dont get a flat together next sem).... !!
the highs and lows does match up! (ask stella, i think i whine to her the most..) but over all im not complaining! i miss winter already... but for now im all ready for summmer! see u guys sooooN!
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Friday, June 18, 2004

My maid used a coin and rubbed my back when I was sick with fever two days ago. In a bid to release all the "bad wind/heat" trapped in my body, I think she might have gone abit overboard and exerted too much force on my back and neck. Now my whole back and neck looks as if I was being lashed with a whip. Strangely, I didn't feel any pain at all, but then again I was semi-conscious from medication. I also felt instaneously better after that and for once, I can sleep much more comfortably.

It is so hard to conceal the marks though, especially those at the back of my neck. I wish theres winter here, I will just wrap my neck with a scarf!

I am doomed if the marks don't go away!!!!!!!!!!!


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Monday, June 14, 2004

My sister and me were talking about a having a costume party last night. She is turning 25 this July. She is planning to throw a birthday party and have not yet decide on the theme. I think I’m going to psycho her to have a “Popstar Birthday party”. Well, I even told her I’d marry the guy who turns up dressed up as Simon Le Bon, the lead singer of Duran Duran. She laughs hysterically and thinks I’m mad.

Ok girls, for my big 30th birthday party, i’ve deccided to have a duran duran 80s pop revial costume party. Come dressed flamboyantly as Simon Le bon (minus the beautiful model wife) /Billy Idol/Petshop Boys/David Bowie wannabe. Correction, i think only one that special someone needs to dressed like Simon le Bon is good enough.. hahhahah.. ultimate fantasy...

Anway, just kinda curious, what would your big 30th birthday party theme be like guys?

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life's full of dramas. My apartment building just caught fire about 2 hours ago. one of the apartments at the other end of the building was coughing up sooo much smoke. i was washing my face in the bathroom and i thought i smelt smoke but looking out of my bathroom window i saw nothing. moments later, ben and i heard knocking but couldn't determine what it was and assumed it was our neighbours having a tiff. a few minutes later, i heard sirens. i looked out of the window and saw the fire engines turning in, i was shocked and started shouting for ben. i just wanted to catched a glimpse of them going past my place, i didn't expect them to stop here! we went down to take a look and the fire was quickly put out through a window. there was no one home and the fire was contained in the one apartment so no one was hurt. but the poor neighbours above that unit have an exam in a few hours and everything is smoky and smelly now. a few neighbours lost sleep and have to get up in an hour for work. 6 of us stood outside for a while chatting about the fire and about the lousy landlady, it was almost like a social gathering. i guess we were quite light-hearted cos we were on the unaffected side of the building. phew.... exciting few weeks i've been having......

i think it's time i get to bed. hope i didn't bring back too many unpleasent memories for you, angie.
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I met this wonderful person a few months ago and last time we met , i learnt something shocking about her.

i knew she had to go for an operation a month of so ago and i've been concerned with her health and last time i met up with her, she confessed that she has cancer. and she's only 24. she's young, extremely smart, pretty and simply an amazing person. i already admire her and when i learnt of that, i was simply overwhelmed. how she manages to look so happy and work so hard at everything is beyond me. she works full time and studies full time and tutors her sister and scores top marks and is always so positive. i felt ashamed of myself for whinging about the smallest things and of not appreciating my life more. she's gotten over the cancer now after a few chemo treatments but there are some complications that she doesn't even know what they are. the doctors and her family refuse to tell her until the exams are over, and that sounds so ominous to me. and she's been told the cancer can come back anytime. she was telling me of the pain and trauma she went through and the possibility that she will never have kids etc..... my heart just broke. i wish her all the best.

you hear of people our age getting cancer but often we think of them as news stories or research statistics. we don't expect these things to happen to us or people we know. such cases seem to be getting more and more common and i truly wish no one has to go through all that. another friend of mine's father is striken with cancer as well and he's always lived the healthiest lifestyle. at this moment, he is on his deathbed. sometimes i wonder why do people bother living or having kids when the world we are living in seem to be so barren and diseased? with all the advancement in science, instead of making life simpler, it seems to be making life more and more insufferable. at the same time, my friends' experiences will be a contant reminder to treasure what i have while i have it. and it's an affirmation to me that i shall continue living everyday, expecting to die someday of a painful, cancerous death.
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Sunday, June 13, 2004

ive fallen in love with this community.

on another note, my whole family's addicted to 24, that keifer sutherland tv series. i was hooked for a while but it ended really stupid! my dads outside now catching the episodes ive watched without him and i can hear dennis hopper speaking in a silly serbian accent. damn silly show, wot a waste of time!!!!

now i shall start on my CSI dvds.woo!

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

1 down 3 to go!!
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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hi girls

I went a nice dinner with some of my christian friends at Rice Table in International Building last night. The indonesian food served there was buffet style on the ala-carte menu. It’s not bad seriously for each head costing 22 bucks. However, when i was enoying the catching session with my friends there. I found some thing strange. Firstly, the whole restaurants was full of chicks. I swear to God, it probably is hosting some SDU function there last night. The ladies at the table next to mine, don’t seem to know each other as they sat down and partake a dinner together. The best part, they really seem to be having a hook up session with the lads on the next table. They are proabaly applying what SDU had evenaglise to them such as "Successfully Attracting Members of the Opposite Sex" or "Finding Your Soul-mate...

I admit eardropping to their conversation and I’m slightly entertained by the gestures of the ladies at that table. Not, i’m surprised, i can even feel the awkardness of the ladies. Yupe, it seems that the chicks are totally trying to get hooked up. Whereas the dude just came in to look-see the chicks. You can see how a 30 year working woman ages from per se a 30 year man. The chicks seems to hace words engraved on their forehead, "Date me, I haven't got a date since 1996" kinda scene. Well, the guys do not look old at all and they just don’t seem to be interested in those chicks. I wondered why the government keeps bombarding singaporeans with idyllic images of marriage and family life? Silly ain’t it? If there’s anything i know about SDU, I really find them amusing. Really amusing.


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I am probably the most evil grand daughter in the world! I am actually plotting moves(subtly) in which I can convince my dad to bring my grandmother back to my uncle's place.

However, I got into a foul mood after work today and sort of hinted rudely to my dad that her presence wasn't very welcoming. My father probably hates me now..ah whatever, I don't care!

evil g
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I got 2 of my assignments back today and my multimedia project was a HD, thank to mich, who provided the flash graphic to make it look professional. Thanks, sweetcakes! lecturer was happy with it except i had some problems with my navigation styling...but i was aware of that and couldn't really do anything bout that. screen real estate problem. so i'm happy as a goat now.

other assignment on e-commerce got a HD too, this time thanx to Sharon who recommended her textbook which had the case study i was looking for in it. phew.... no thanks to one of my groupmates whom i suspect did not even understand the assignment. and was thinking on a undergrad analysis level.

what would i do without friends?
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Hi girlies

Sorry guys, i haven't been updating the past 2 weeks or so. My Mac at work decided to crash on me. It's just so not productive, what can else can I do? I read quite a fair bit. From books, magazines to newspapers, and of course I work ! My boss is away on holiday, where the other boss can't be bothered even thou I've highlight that to him the computer went amok. I'm using a makeshift computer now as i type this. Initially, I was going to slack off. Actually, I've been slacking off for pretty much the morning. But I just went through my standing list of "to do" items, and I realised how much work has piled up in the meantime. Looks like its working time guys

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Thank god for the blog! i swear i can't keep track of the days that pass already. i've been spending almost all my time studying. but i seem to have a few unaccountable hours everyday, hmmmmmm.....

my exams are such a pain, as all exams are. but for some reason i feel i've got less time than usual to study. i'm so tired already.. hardly productive. the blog is my only way of unwinding now... so, strange as i am, i'll prob be blogging a lot more than usual during the exam period. however, emailing will be a prob for me cos i can't access my email account from uni. so BLOG, BLOG, BLOG!! for my mental health's sake..... shit, i had to go through this post 4 times cos i'm so sleepy i keep missing words or repeating words here and there.

my sleeping pattern is so eratic that i'm resorting to sleeping pills to make sure i sleep alright and will be able to wake up for my morning exams. we've all had tough exams periods to get over but i've never felt so confused and demented as now.....

am i making sense at all? back to distance vector routing........

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g is the damn queen of word games yo >:(

we've taken to playing word games at work to pass time

for eg words starting with E-N..then we'll take turns to email each other answers and person who cant think of another word loses.

i bloody keep losing cos i repeat words she's alreadi said tamade..

as of now i owe her $1. g i plead with u to stop double checkinggg


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Monday, June 07, 2004

My grandmother is really strange sometimes. I came back quite late a few nights ago and found her sitting up in the dining hall staring into space. She didnt even acknowledge my presence!It was obvious she had seen me for I thought she was staring straight at me when I came through the door. I wasnt sure if I should greet her or just sneak quietly upstairs. Of course I chose the latter. When I came down moments later to make a hot drink, she was sound asleep.

I just wonder if I will do the same thing when I'm her age.In fact, I wonder how we'll all be when we are 80! If I am still around....

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

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hi girls

i love my immediate family but i think most all of my relatives are nothing but a pain in my arse. 'ARGH.
PMSINg like crazy latly!
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Saturday, June 05, 2004

chenhoes post in case anyone missed it
Happy Belated Birthday. = ) Its time I started buying Birthday prezzies before I accumulate any more bad Karma. = P Girls, any requests for affordable goodies from Malaysia? I am a terrible friend at remembering things, so its probably going to be CNY/Xmas/Bday/Thaipusam/StNicks and whatever have you prezzies. I am actually going to be in Singapore tommorrow for a day to settle some banking matters and maybe meet a client, but I'll be back sometime in the middle of the month. I don't suppose Shihui is coming back?
Sorry to take so long to reply. Anyways, I skimmed through the blog and apparently you guys can only comment 5 times? I'll try to set up a forums for you gals if you like on my domain. Or better yet, I can set up a subdomain then someone else can volunteer set something up cause I am more likely than not to procrastinate. = P I am not sure if I still have anyone's email addy, so please drop me a note at [myfullnamewithnospacing]@yahoo.com < spam prevention.
Stella says everyone is good? = ) A little dubious, but really wish that is so. I strongly suspect we're at the age where everyone is a little 'disturbed'. = ) Definitely a tad psychotic myself. = )
Cheers mates, may you never tire of wandering the shopping prairies and may the card always be with you.
PS - Oops, I think I just realise I forgot to mention that I am back in Malaysia.

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hi girls, got the results to the lottery ticket that i bought on my birthday. 1st time i bought a lottery ticket. haha... anyway, the website was getting such high traffic it was impossible for me to find out the results for hours till just. i dun think i won anything. i'm not too sure how it works but i doubt i have enough hits to win anything. what a waste...the pool was 23 million bucks. thought i could get a slice of it. at least when i study now, i won't be wondering if i'm a millionaire...haha...sorry mich, looks like i won't be flying the gang over to visit you in london.
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Friday, June 04, 2004

i finally found out the number to call the police last night due to an incident.

i was up late last night studying in uni and got home at about 2.30am. when i got home, i was getting ready to sleep. sat in bed with a book when i saw ben rush into the toilet with a huge torchlight. a few secs later, he came out and said he saw a guy crouching down behind a car in our carpark downstairs that was visible from the toilet window. and when he shone the torch at him, he ran off. we knew whose car it was but we didn't know which apartment they were from. and we couldn't possibly go knocking on every door 3 o'clock in the morning. we decided to call the cops and while looking for the number (we didn't want to call 000 cos they put you on hold all the time and this isn't really an emergency), we heard a car horn. we ran to the window and the guy was back!! ben shouted at him and he took off. he looked smallish, like a skinny teenager, with bushy hair. so we called the cops and but we were told we really couldn't do anything cos we really shouldn't touch the car and they can't really report it as a car break-in cos the owners have to do it themselves. i gave them the license plate number and hope they actually contacted the owners. they sent patrol cars around the nieghbourhood pretty fast. cos we saw both cop cars and unlabelled cops cars zipping round. pretty soon but it took them ages to actually get one to stop and check in on the cars... not that they did anything anyway. i keep thinking about the poor owners. they'll get such a shock in the morning when they go to their car and find the doors ajar. we think the guy was trying to hot wire the car and activated the horn instead. if that's the case, at least the car is still here now.

i'm thinking of moving end of this year to north of the river. i think it's safer. apparently there has been arson attacks to some houses on the street behind mine. not that my house is at risk cos it's an apartment block and a lot harder to burn down, but it gives you an idea of the kind of saftey your neighbourhood has. i can't wait to move.
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got this as a present today, isnt it cute? very handy because im afraid of fire and this keeps the flame and flame direction super far from me. i use it to light my aromatherapy pot. :)

on a sidenote,i noticed a small change in me---the lows arent quite as low as they used to be and the highs are not quite as high. its like... i feel quite neutral most times about most things.

things tt i would think would upset me alot dont anymore and things that wd keep me euphoric for days make me happy--- i will still hop! but i wont jump.

hrm i honestly cant decide whether this is a good or bad thing, but i think at the very least i worry a lot less nowadays. i cant really pin it down..could the word be mellowed? contentment or is it age? numbness or what? i dont realli think its any of those tho...i cant pin it down i guess . life is both peaceful and uneventful for now.

on a side note im so GLAD (tho not SUPER glad)that its friday at last! :)


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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


we love u muchos !!
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