Tuesday, June 22, 2004

FINALLY!!! i've finished my exams!!!!!!!!


i'm back to complete my blog. i had actually just finished my exam and was waiting for my friend to finish his, when i was blogging. i went to the labs to blog while waiting and he came out just 5 minutes after me, not giving me enough time to finish blogging. so here we go....

such a treat to be at home now, i've been in school most of my waking hours mugging for exams. the last one was uncommonly simple. we were hoping that it would be similar to last year's paper cos that was easy and straight forward enough. turned out that 80% of the exams were exactly the same. It was a real hoot. i've got no reason not to get a HD for this java exam, seeing i've already taken the more advance java unit in undergrad. i wish all my papers were this easy... i just hope the rest went well as well.

Finally!!! i've got hot water running in the taps!!! for the past week, i had to boil water in a pot and shower fomr a bucket cos the hot water tap broke and we had to switch the main off. called the landlady and they took ages to get the plumber in. called so many times to bug them and finally it's done!!! i can take a good hot shower now... esp cos now is winter, it horrible to have to take a bucket shower.
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