Saturday, January 31, 2004

Great that angie has started using the blog. hey angie, next time we should arrange to have lunch together, since i'm ultra bored at home, i can go meet you (provided it's a convenient location) during your lunch break.

and one more thing. when you add an entry, remember to 'Post & Publich' it. don't just Post. or it won't show on the blog.

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

this is kinda cool....sorrie angie is a newbie here la.....
im prolly @ work wenever i post something here, so bear my brainless comments =)
erm...i had sushi for lunch today @ thiong bahru (my latest hangout place now..sigh) alone....n today sux a little more cos being friday i was lookin forward to a casual, relaxed day of course...but nooooooo...last day of the months are a BIG thing as i hav learnt today....sigh sigh.....
they shld've at least warned me b4hand! HMPH!!

Gayle: hurry get the job @Hendersons la so i can hav fren

Stel: i also wanna come down soon la..need to buy supplies also anyway...wkend!!

Huihui: I wan my CARDIGEN back!!! sob sob....

Fanni: where are u...???

Mich: betcha dun wanna come back anymore right...hehehhe

ChingYa: glad to know u personally...its about time!! heh

ok girles...take care for now ya!!!
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u are a perfectaholic....sharing characteristics of a perfectionist la of course!!

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some pics of us here.

ps: forgot to press button special way to activiate the autofocus so all blur like shit. hotdamn.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Wish you girls health, beauty, luck, wealth and everything else that matters.

i am so tired and bloated. been visiting the entire day. eating the whole day. bleh....need to sleep. hope this year's haul makes everything worth it. but it was nice to meet some of my cousins again.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

hi beauties, i'm back from thailand!

a little darker, a little happier. but missed you guys. the trip has been good. as stel has kindly pointed out to me a zillion time, i'm a stressaholic. and i think i've learnt to relax a little. what kind of a -holic am i if i feel the need to be organised and planned at all times? i think that would be a better description of me actually.

i was trying so hard to organise how to spend each day of my holiday. what time, go where, eat where, eat what, etc. finally i realised how ridiculous i was being and that was precisely why i wanted to get away. so in the end, i chided myself for being moronic and decided to do nothing and see where the wind brings me.... ended lying on the beach reading for 2 days, which i fully enjoyed. the other days i was busy shopping... snapping up all the good buys i can. sorry girls, didn't buy anymore stuff.... emailed you guys from the resorts and there wasn't much around there to shop and i was running dangerously low on cash. but i did get the slippers for angie dear (does she read the blog? does fanni?) , jewellary for everyone, if you like them. not sure how i'm doing in the taste department. but we should meet up soon so i can be santa claus, or miss claus more like it. tell you about the french woody allen i met.

till we meet again
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