Friday, July 25, 2003

i love chinatown! i fell in love with a young blind China busker singing moving patriotic songs. He has the most beautifulbeautiful moving voice,streams of people gave him money ( all notes, no coins) and everyone clapped after every song. *sigh*

i also bought tons of retro 80s earrings for about a buck each! nice auntie cryptically said she has had her store there for about 30 years. HRMMMM. I wussa kid in a candy store :)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

i love to cook too! since mich has mentioned it i shall make you all my evil potato salad topped with traumatizing tartar sauce. This time, none of you are allowed to vomit or die. >:(

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i just discovered something i love to do: cook.
i love cooking! never thot i would say this but i love it when the aroma breaks free from the ingredients. and when the flava turns out right or even better and when u know exactly wot it needs/lack to give it that little edge. there are so many similarities in cooking and designing.... but cooking is even better cos it invloves all your senses and gives u the same platform to be totally creative.

haha ok im a total newbie but coming from someone who has never fried an egg...i think im doing pretty well!
that said... i think baking is such a bore.
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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I sold my car today....it was such a solemn moment as I waved goodbye to the new owner( she sounded the horn at me to catch my attention)..sobs!
OH guess what I just heard on the radio..Transperth is on strike..there might not be buses operating today and tomorrow...grr, just my luck

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Monday, July 07, 2003

hi girls,
just got a testimonial from stella on friendster reminding me how much i've been neglecting some of you...thought i should kinda update you guys what my life is like now...

Well for 1, i'm waiting for my final results. fingers cross on all High Distinctions...(hehehe...very high hopes, i know)
Will be changing uni next semester, starting my Masters in Sci(IT). should last me about 1 and a half years or 2, depending how lazy i get. And i'll prob be applying for PR which means i won't be back end of this year if it doesn't get approved by then. i'll have to wait till it gets approved or till June next year or end of next year to go back. Gayle and i were discussing how this might be the first time in the last 5 years or so that we will not be having a christmas party at my place. She was complaining how she'll be stranded all alone in singapore on x'mas.

Mich: so sorry to hear about your new circumstances. I knew how much you wanted to go. at least you can hang out with gayley longer than expected. please don't go drinking again to drown your sorrows ok? "dangerous" things can happen.
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Thursday, July 03, 2003

just started my internship 2 days ago and i'm really tired already.. haven't been sleeping well cos my nose is always block and i can't breathe in my sleep. and i'm so stressed over the internship cos i have no idea what to do and it's practically unguided. i feel like giving up already....i still haven't gotta proper break from my exams and 3rd year project.........sobz... gayle...free on sunday? wanna do something?
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