Saturday, October 30, 2004

happy halloween......jus got back from the party at zouk, it was fab as usual, too funny! me and two friends went as vietnamnese riceplanters- my rotten idea . the rest went as assorted ghouls + one red indian... pics later, realli pooped.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Found something to blog about..FINALLY!

Latest update and highlight of the month!

I got the chance to see Amos again!I'm so relieved to see him in good health...and he remembers me! That really made my day! I haven't been so happy for such a long time. Can't stop smiling whenever I look at his picture in my phone!! :)

gaga g

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

i've got the bloody flu again.... grmph.....and i've got 2 assignments due next week, one of which is an essay i have no clue where to start from. i've got 6 days... shit.... i feel horrible... i can't decide if i should be fully working on them or should be spending my time trying to recuperate cos the week after i've got another assignment due as well as a final exam... so i really have to be well for that......

but somehow, i'm not that freaked by it, i think i'll come out on top somehow. but there's this disconcerting thought at the back of my head that i might fail this one unit still, considering i barely got a pass for the 1st assignment.... what if i'm totally clueless about this unit but don't realise it and fail the 2nd assignment as well? shit..... but i'm determine not to let that bother me. i've done this before, why can't i do it again? i shall perservere!!!!
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Monday, October 18, 2004

hey girls,
have been wantin to blog for some time but i couldnt upload my pics for some reason .....so i kept putting it off. photoisland's still not working and im just going to summarize the happenings in words instead:

in short, ive survived an onslaught of exams and massive projects and am now, for a little while, less busy.

in other happenings, david's going to get his calf tattooed sometime this/next week and im scared i'll hate it! also he's gotten a pretty well payin job at sph and will be mega rich very soon growwwwwwwwwl. i feel VERY VERY VERY POOR. i shall save up all my $1 coins in hopes that one day i'll have enough $1 to be VERY VERY VERY RICH. that is my action plan 4 getting rich for now :)

also, carol just made a police report. apparently her psycho hall roommate secretly dumped water all over her laptop, her bf's laptop and her tv! she only found out because they all broke down within two weeks of each other and got suspicious and sent the stuff to be inspected. apparently the insides of everything were drippin so its definitely foul play.how scary is that?it reminds me that there are plenty of psychos in the world. be careful people!

right now, im sitting alone amongst a pile of books and legal cases,two cups of smelly coffee on my table, feeling very contented.im not shy to say i quite love the bustle n purposefulness of school life/learning.

i guess its nights like this that make everything i sacrifice worthwhile?


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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hi people
I¡¯m good, barely a week plus in China, and I¡¯m copping fine. Nope, have not even step to do any tourist stuff yet, Guess I¡¯ll only do it during winter where¡¯s no people on the great wall. Beijing is way congested any time of the day. So I reckon photo opportunities will be much better when the Great wall is cold and deserted during the wintertime. Well, I went to this place call ¡°Gu lou¡±, meaning old building in mandarin. It is right in inner city of Beijing where you can buy tons of PS2, Nitendo and Xbox games at like 1USD each. You name it, Beijing has all sort of games that you will ever find. In there, you too will also find a scary butcher shop, with dead pigs are bloodly lying around the place, I don¡¯t even dare to go inside the butcher shop, I¡¯m scared, the flies, pigs and the sharpening knives sound. For a sec, I so wanted to be a vegetarian. This gu lou, sure looks a lot like Cambodia, Indonesia or even Vietnam. Or wait a minute; I think outer suburbs of Asia all look pretty much the same. It¡¯s dirty and dusty, but quaint and surreal at the same time. The public toilet here was an amazing experience for a city girl like me. Firstly, There are no frigging doors or even flushing system. Yeah, it¡¯s like peeing it in the open, with crap stuff like dirty used pads and menstrual blood and poo and pee all over the place. It¡¯s disgusting. Well, I also had mild food poisoning which involves me craping and puking for 2days the last week and other wise its all been good. Every day is an adventure in China.
Otherwise, I¡¯m gearing up to a yet to be a busy season again, as I¡¯m going for an interview at a PR agency (hopes are not too high for this thou) and will be approaching ad agencies downtown as of tomorrow. I still love my blue collar copywriting job. And my only aim is that I¡¯m trying my best to do in advertising was like what the Beatles did with Sgt. Pepper. Have a great day girlies. Talk you guys soon.


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Thursday, October 14, 2004

It's shocking how high the petrol prices are nowadays. previously, when the price is 99.9, you see the petrol stations deserted, save the odd unfortunate car which desperately needs the petrol. nowadays, if it's 99.9, you will be glad. if it's 98.5, you'll be rushing to the petrol stations. i see some places charging 105 a litre!!! it's atrocious..... sigh....burning a hole in my pocket.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Greeting from beijing girls :D

Right now im a digital printing shop waiting for some stuff to be printed out and i just decided to try my luck to access the blog. Man, the internet cafes down the street where i live that i always go to, does not allow me to blog or check my gmails. Censorship in China is really in Bnh! and we thought censorship in Sgp was bad enough.

I'm in this 24hr print shop now waiting to get my name cards reprint. Bummer, i still can't view the blog, im glad at least i get to blog again. There are some many stories that i want to blog so badly, but off hand my mind is in blank to relate those stories. Well, i try to post up pictures of this beijing trip sooon, thats if i can access the blog again. Pictures speak more than a thousand words

How have everyone been? Hope eveything cool with you folks. Till next time girlies
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Saturday, October 02, 2004

hi darls,

how've u all been? just wanted to see how everyone is.

qingya: what have u been up to? hope you're feeling better. not as painful i hope.
angie: enjoying your freedom? how have u been spending your time?
stel: how did your exams go? all over?
gayle: how's it going, girl? hanging in there? did you go for the job you wanted?
mich: how's uni? gotten back into the routine yet? hope you're not feeling too homesick
fanni: already to go, girlfriend? eat all the local food you can before you go.

having this week off. non-teaching week but i've got so much work i can't think of them without having a panic attack. *breathe in, breath out*.......phew....i dunno how i can do this for another semester. there's this one unit that i just don't get.....if i'm unlucky, this will the 1st time i fail a unit. dang....my average is so gonna suffer. cross your fingers for me, darls......
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