Saturday, February 28, 2004


my heart is broken! i just finished the very last episode of sex and the city and i feel like my best friends have just died.
after the episode ended i felt so depressed i went to slump in bed for a while. im just so sad i'll never see them again sob..

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hi lovies!

great to see everyone blogging! recently ive been in a fantastic mood for the silliest reason! ask g and s for more details. anyway the term is ending soon..more essays and projects to finish up b4 my one month easter break...this time i think i would head to either milan or lisbon...not to sure yet! besides that one reason, everything else seems to be perking up as well... im loving my current course ..my lect is just awesome...teaching us stuff that will take designers a lifetime to realise...my class is small but fantastic and everyone is very active and helpful... im totally loving uni life!

back home... my flatmates are also the bestt! i live with a sweet gothy chick, one indian transsexual/drag queen, hotchillipadi greek girl, one sweet korean and this lovly hk girl which im closer to...we help each other with our work etc..all my flatmates are art students (which i think is awesome! it's just fantastic living in a hostel where almost everyone is an art student and the best and kinda scary thing:every one is seriously talented.....anyway we all get along fab and are always up to no good...plotting aganist evil bfs...sending dirty love notes to crushes in the hostel....inviting more transsexuals over for dinner and interrogating them...girly talks...international dinners...hair dying sessions....bitchingbitchingbitching.... it's always a riot in the flat! think we will host a flatparty b4 easter! will post pics up if we doo!
miss u girls..great to hear from u QY! glad ure doing good and u got urself a danish boy! i loveee scandinavian men!
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Friday, February 27, 2004

Oi how can I post pics? I wanna post some....Grazie mille!
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My darlings,
Ciao di brutissimo Binghamton (hi from very ugly Binghamton)! I just spent the past half hour playing catchup... You girls are too funny and sweet. I miss you all! Things are going really well with Henrik and I now for I stopped seeing or talking to Kai, though we are still emailing each other. I was going through this whole dilemma of having to choose between Henrik and Kai. And even though Kai share more similar passions and interests with me, I know in my heart I love Henrik. So I felt terribly terrible for even thinking of picking for I should know that no one will be able to replace Henrik's place in my heart. I felt like such a horrible person just 2 weeks ago. I really shouldn't have done this to Henrik..for the second time. He is such a good person and he's so good to me. I am such a fuckup. I hurt him so much. And I hurt Kai too by leading him on. What the fuck is wrong with me? Anyway, Kai is out of the picture now and I spent Valentine's weekend in nyc with Henrik. Had such a great time!
Just to update you guys. All my pets (at home in Singapore) died in the past couple of months... It was sad and I think my mom is deeply affected cos my brother and I are here in America, my dad's always overseas for business, and my sis is a big girl now and goes out all the time. The pets are there to keep her company and they all died on her one by one. Joe Joe (the pom) died last year, then Silver the cat died I think end of last year. And Champ! passed away last month! But the last straw was when Bingo (our favorite) died the day before Valentine's. My brother loves the dog the most....more than anything else in the world and as much as he loves the family. He was the most affected. He cried for days and I've never heard him cry before since childhood days... It was so sad talking to him on the phone...He wanted to fly back to Singapore and I wanted to fly to Los Angeles to visit him. I felt really bad for him. Oh, and I failed to mention that the sole chinchilla in our house died like last week I think. My mom was upset cos she felt even more lonely. So my dad decided to buy her a new dog and they did! It's this cuteass pug about 4 mths old. My sis put up his pics on her website. Oooo, soooo precious cute! Can't take it! I wanna squeeze it already. I don't know what his name is but I think my parents are gonna use the name that I suggested - Fausto (Italian meaning lucky).
Anyway, I wil try again for the 10th time to blog more often....sorries.
P.S. I didn't write the Blue entry too! Creepy man...
Kiss kiss,
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Thursday, February 26, 2004

hullo from my little corner of the world!

im sitting here by my window overlooking the campus. its gorgeous, and so quiet!

silly things ive done since moving in:
1) dropped my potted plant out of the window. i was trying to use it as a window stop. okok, i know.
2) dropped my panty down the bathroom cubicle drainage pipe. it whooshed down the pipe like it was a water ride.

fun things ive been doing:
1) waking up early every morning and eating brekkie in bed with girlfriends.
2) watching tv on my laptop via nus's webcast site.
3) sitting by window waitin for the bf's car to come by
4) making friends with hot ang moh girls with funny accents
5) calling jerri thru internet phone..she didn't have a mike at first so i couldnt hear her at all tho she could hear me. therefore felt like a real loony hello-ing into my mike.

all of you go download skype yo and get mikes (esp mich)!free long distance calling = cool.

btw qingya called me again, things seem cleared up now, tho she's still mailing german beer.

all my love,

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congrats, gayle! i thought you wanted to work at saceos? so you actually started working there when src called to give you an interview? and you got in? so what's the plan now? can u just quit saceos like that? are you on probation with them? come on gayle, give full details!!! i'm too far to pick up pieces here and there, i need the full goss!!!

angie: not that hard, instead of using the girlygang's user name to log in, i have my own account with blogger. having the girlygang's username and password, i gave my personal account access so i blog from my own account. if it gets too confusing, let me know. i don't think i gave a really good explanation back there. BTW, it's qingya, not chingya

update on my life: SOOO MUCH WORK!!!! i've been really slack and my heartrate doubles when i think of the work i have to do each work. and i haven't even started.... i'm gonna be so busy this weekend. plus, ben's finally coming back tomorrow night. missed him so much. but good news is i finally got started on my PR application. getting at least i think getting the form is the 1st step.
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Hello my dear beauty queens!

Its finally time to kiss goodbye to a stressful yet eventful week; I thank god its friday (literally)! I am looking forward to our girly weekend dates!

Most of you would probably ask me why I had been so stressed out lately? Answer- Work! Yes, its all got to do with starting my career, getting fed up and making a career switch!

Haha, to be more specific...............I started work at SACEOS, and realised my job was totally menial..drafting letters, using lousy pentium 2 pc with no internet, no proper work station, getting claustrophic in an earth quake shaken office blah blah and the list goes on!

Feeling somehow demoralised and disappointed after the first day of work, I went home on a peak hour Monday, barely trying to keep my balance on a jerking trans island bus when SRC called me up to schedule for an interview the following day.

Boy was I excited! I put in my best effort and yes, I got in.

Goodbye saceos, hello src. Wish me luck!


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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Helo Girly girls.....havent been here in awhile.....dunno where to start.....

Shihui: Oei!! how u able to make ur name appear instead of the gg??? i tink dat'll be easier to recognise ppl....do teach! nothing much been goin on in spore, jus the usual once a wk movie date (last show Rating: **)

Fanni: no i doubt thumper will help hunter....but we'll see ur sequeal la.....

U know wat.....i tink the blue entry is done by.......chingya???? well, since its not mich.....not much ppl left to accuse..heh. hope she is doin better now tho'........
gayle prolly hasnt blogged in awhile cos she busy busy bee la....ne'mind we'll squeeze everything outta her the next time we meet up!!! but i hav to share something i tot was funnie wit y'all: i was with her last nite @siglap killiney kopitiam, gayle was talking talking, i was facing her, wen all of a sudden, she had a shocked look n stopped tokking n jus said "omg so cute!!" she was of course refering to some guy who walked pass about to walk into StarBucks. But i have to point out, IT HAS BEEN SOOOOO LONG SINCE I HEARD THOSE WORDS COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH...with a touch of passion some more! hmmm...mabbe gayle's back in touch wit her 'girly-crush' side?? its a good sign =D we must encourage gayle!!

as for me...nothing new in life....work is stil the same....
my bunnies are a mth old now!!! hee
and....1st mth pay shall be invested in......an IPOD muhahahhahaha
no i am not mad...i jus need to justify why i am waking up @6.30am every morn..why i am wasting my youth in a cubicle...why i am bein ordered around like sheep..why why WHY???
so i can buy IPOD
lets jus see how long this rationality can sustain my sanity...ok gals??

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Bambi series (1)

Hi lovlies

Just got something to share which you guys... Irresistible is the word to describe. Hot goss!!! I'm not a spiteful bitch, but I think its good sharing for you gals to know this. Remember gals, the horror story we shared at Qingya's place about how badly burned I was in pseudo brand wannabe, with no creative integrity sweat shop?

Background info:
I was told to revamp this horrible website when i was there? Ask me on MSN... I'd private message you their horrendous online presence. My ex boss told me to write a couple of brand issues articles. To start, besides writing the article in my personal opinion. I definately have to quote some statements when I write a long article right? So, I quote a good buddy of mine in the articles, as he is a specialist in that area. He has some street creds and knowledge to be known as a expert in that area. Let's call the friend thumper and I will be called Bambi. My ex boss will be called the hunter!

Fast foreword: Thumper received an email today from hunter... Apparently, the hunter just randomly emailed someone online. Think as the digusting trying so hard to hook up with someone you don't know thru the cable wire....

This is what the hunter says, (Pun intended, details have to change to protect identify of the cast members?)

Hi Thumper,

This is a call for help.

I run a sweat shop in Singapore. I have a dear client friend who has relocated to Korea and is looking for a hot boutique-type agency in Seoul. (meaning Lousy and cheap skate shop.)

She is far less than enchanted with the big multinational agency that she inherited. So, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction in helping her find a new agency. (Meaning, Slave shop please)
She is a wonderful client...brilliant, beautiful, warm hearted, and has a real appreciation for good creative. The industry sector is hospitality and the client is at the top of the food chain. Business that anyone would love to have.

She's not looking for a list of the 10 biggest agencies in Seoul...the "usual suspect" list. They tend to be arrogant, slow, and expensive to maintain. Instead, I did a Goggle search and got the typical zombie list of multinationals. Depressing. Immediately thought of you. (Meaning, WTF? I'm just desperate to try anything, even advice from strangers that I dun even know.. I need to bullshit and suck up to the client with regards to that, so that she thinks i'm resourceful.)

I know this is probably not a typical e-mail for you but I would dearly appreciate any suggestions you might have. (Meaning, I will genuflect at the client's door and crawl all the way to her desk if i dont hear from you.)
Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide. (Meaning, I'm a dickhead, thats why i have to randomly email a stranger online. )

Best regards,

Narration: Do you think Thumper will help hunter? Tune in to the next episode of Bambi's series.

If I could say it to hunter's face, This would be it... I've always defined my schtick as being someone who 'neither begs nor fears your favours nor your hate'. (That's from MacBeth, mind you, and look what happened to the hunter!)

I was thinking, if the hunter's client was so good, why dint the hunter set up a representative office in Seoul, since they are dealing with top of the line food industry?

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Monday, February 23, 2004

hi darlings!

just started school today. couldn't make up my mind which units to take. too many things to consider. i chickened out and took an easy unit of Java (which i've covered in my undergrad actually) instead of the advance Java unit, which i really should be taking. i'm too scared that i'll fail fail fail plus the class is at 8.30 in the morning to 10.30. i doubt i can wake up and then i gotta wait till the next class at 4.30. it'll be so troublesome to go back and forth and yet so boring to stay in school the whole day. i hope i'm not making the mistake of my life. i'm scared. and i have to choose between one of these 2. then again, come to think of it. if i do decide to do that advance unit later, i can always do it next year. ok....i think i feel slightly better now. phew!!!

and the admin changed all classes (for masters) to 3 hours... 3 HOURS!!!!!! i can't stay focus.... so boring.....therefore, today, i had 6 hours of class from 12.30 to 7.30. at least the earlier one would be a mindless class (the java unit). i don't understand how the sch works. they say monday we have 3 1-hour lectures. from 12.30-1.30, 1.30-2.30 & 2.30-3.30. isn't that simply a 3-hour lecture from 12.3--3.30? DUH!

i'm so sad my class on thursday ends at 7.30. meaning i've got to speed home to catch charmed which starts at the same time.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

asked the Magic Magic Cactus:

will ad planet take me in as their copywriter?

the Cactus said to me;

Will you take me to dinner? We could have a romantic night out and.. oh, ok. Well, persistence is the key in this scenario. Something I seem to be lacking.

here to ask the cactus a question]

yes. that is what i got asking about a interview last thursday. I thought it was quite funny, actually. :)


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Wilbur, the fatty. I love!

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Friday, February 20, 2004

Hi girlies,

Im so excited! I'll be moving into hall with two of my girlfriends this monday! After much begging and pleading we got allocated rooms next to each other ( we didn't initially ) and now i'll b spending the next two mths mugging, mugging a lot, , mugging all night, writing our thesis, sleeping, laughing, cursing, swimming (YAY!), gymming (YITH! im being forced to ) etc w them. Besides, i can roll out of bed 2 mins before class and my hall's lovely lovely LOVELY.

PS: why doesnt g ever post on the blog,yo! tell us tell us whats new with you.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

hi girls.... i miss all my male friends ..no one to dote on me when im feeling sad...
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Sunday, February 15, 2004

i didnt write ttht BLUE entryyyyy!

fanni...i think the first job is impt because it builts up ur portfolio. it's impossible to move up to a goood comapny if ur portfolio only has crap work from the previous crap company etc. unlesss ure super motivate and u can hook urself up with some pple and work on scam ads! or if u have contacts ....hmm act. it's more of the individual than the company.
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Friday, February 13, 2004

i went to a brilliant concert last night at the esplanade. bobby mcferrin was wonderful. it's quite an experience to hear him sing live. he's got such a hypnotic and mesmerising voice. and his inspirations come from all genres: asian, classical, jazz, african. he did this segment with this persussion group called tribal tide and he sounded as if he was singing some indian songs. all the accompanying musicians were great. jeremy monteiro was there too.....mcferrin was really entertaining as well, getting the whole audience to sing along and becoming part of the act. and for the 1st time in my life, i saw someone strum a PIANO. for 2 hours, i felt like an idol-crazy school girl who wanted to queue for 2 hours just to get his autograph and photo. i truly think he's one of the most talented people in the world and i'm soooo glad i manage to catch the concert.

ps: and the concert hall was beautiful! with all the varnished wood and hanging equipment.
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Thursday, February 12, 2004

you know the weird thing is that when i read your entries i imagine yr voices talking in my head, esp angie and fanni. you all le.

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I really dont think its mich, it doesnt sound like her. It sounds like an intoxicated Qingya to me, and if not, then its a HECKEr. U guys better be careful where we leave our passwords. If someone shd just come in and delete the journal, all 3 years of our lives will be GONE. Speaking of QIngya, she is seeing not so happy days with the Danish Pastry. The German beer she told us abt is getting in the way and she called me sobbing in the am. Do call her and love her if you're free.

THere is a remote possibility i might have written that entry in a sleepwalking state but i dont want to go there. Highly unlikely. BUt ask jerri, she's heard recordings of me having a 4 min long nonsense conversation with david in my sleep so...

anyhoos, what did you girls do today. me n jerri went thrifting in the morningg woowoo. and rem to keep me in the loop abt vday, i have to go see my dear boy but i also def want to turn up at the vday dinner, if only for a little while.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Thanks for the kind words jerri.

Someone thought of that and someone believe it...

"Life is too short to piss around doing something that doesn't make you happy. It's up to everyone to make their own dreams happen. Not society, not the government, not the rich guy up on the hill, YOUR OWN."

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

and whoever wrote the turning blue entry. like angie, i'm confused. don't get it and dun know what context is it in????? CLARIFY!!!!

ps: i bet it's mich though
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fanni!!! don't get disheartened!!! you knew when you entered this industry that it'll be tough and i think you've done a great job of pushing ahead irregardless of the obstacles you have encountered. don't give up. you'll find a job right for you soon. we all know it's impossible to get the right within the first few years upon graduating. esp now when times are bad. what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger so hang in there. turn to the girlygang to destress. =)
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Question for the creative folks

Someone told me once that a creative's career is determined by the first agency he/she worked at. So a person who started at for example at O&M/DDB/TBWA/BBDO is better off than a person who started at a dingy local sweat shop.

Mich: Do you think that's true?

Definately, the first job will have a biggest impact than most. As juniors, we tend to really take to heart what they learn in that first experience.

After a burn out rate at a hellish local crumpy sweat home-office shop for a measly five days, I've fathered. I told myself to leave that dingly shop before the bad habits set in and my sparkly book goes stale.

I'm begining to doubt a career in copywriting/the passion I have for the advertising industry(to win awards and stuff) and even doubting myself to substain with creative ideas and concepts.

I might just have stalled big time now. The thing is; I'm so sick of showing my portfolio all the time. Interviews after interviews and waiting for replies, (bloodly hate this kinda Q&A session). The whole job search and hunt really tires and wears me out.

Sigh! Reality suggests you can only be so picky as you look for that first job---there's never an abundance of slots for juniors.

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Monday, February 09, 2004

STELLA!!!!!!!!! you LO LO!!!! NONG NONG!!!!!
u better see thru the pics again and DELETE the shot of me wit some incriminating evidence on my fingers oke!!!!!
wat if someone not supposed to see it sees it??!?!?!?!?! u wan me to die issit???
quik quik!!!!!!

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ohhhh i see...no wonder i cdnt read my entry on the site heheh...bodoh
and u ppl ah, pls sign off after ur entry okie dun confuse me anymore than i already am hehehe....im tryin to guess who entered the one b4 me....anyone??
anyway, time to go for lunch la..HUNGRY!!!!!
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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

YO!! its so good to see you fellas all writing here. its nice and merry n crowded now woo! ok now for my boring story for those who got nothing ve had one of the worst days in the history of....er well ....Days! But I haven't stopped smiling, I feel content! I've just read a certain something that around two months ago would of had me slitting my wrists and in tears at the mere mention, but only 10 minutes ago I found my self laughing so hard that I began to turn blue!

IM over it!urn blue!

IM over it!
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Hi gals,

I’m here. I’ve finished this book called “tipping point” by Malcolm Gladwell. One of the good reads so far. This book relates his theory on “Why did crime in New York drop so suddenly in the mid-90s? How does an unknown novelist end up a bestselling author? Why is teenage smoking out of control, when everyone knows smoking kills? What makes TV shows like Sesame Street so good at teaching kids how to read?”

And I’m convinced by his arguments in the book correlating back to life in Singapore. See, Singapore took only one generation about 30 years to develop a 3rd World country to first world city. In a sense we have reached the tipping point of being progressive. Yes, we are stagnant in growth and economy in the broader sense. Like Japan, after 10 years or so, they are still in recession. Will Singapore be like this too?
If I were to interpret Gladwell's theory into sociology in sgp society, we might be as well facing major epidemic of being a stagnant lap poodle society.

We are truly blessed in someways but caught in the middle of the 21st century chaos. The world is not going to get any better with predicted flu epidemics and stupid weapons of mass silliness that causes near death defying economic unstability where your own government tells you to compromise on the life that is being given to you at free will.

The world doesn't owe us a dime and we are not born to suffer. Life is not a horror film like 28 days later or blair witch project. I want you all girls to know, life does get harder, and it gets even more tough when you come back and face your family, friends and the career.

But you know deep down, we want to overcome all these difficulties and face a smooth path that leads to a peaceful retirement. That is why i want you all to keep your options open, stay on the job you have if you can (that applies to angie at the moment), but if not, don't force it. The world is facing a testing time.

It’s depressing. This is the crossroads.(Will all the cars come crushing into me in several directions)I'm always asking myself, " Can I sustain myself with freelance jobs?" However, you debate it, freelancing is never a “real job” in the eyes of our folks. So tired of this whole job hunting shit drama.

The path ahead is very dark and things don’t seem to be any clearer when I step ahead. But so glad, that I have you gals. All of you rock. Thanks you for all being my friend.



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