Monday, May 31, 2004

Just met Stel for lunch at raffles place. As usual, we went to check out the sales happening at raffles place, and ended up using almost a whole 2 hr lunch break.

Such a lazy Monday, the office is so quiet. Most of the staff has gone for a holiday. Can't wait for Wednesday!

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i'm in sch now, waiting for my 5.30pm class. suppose to be studying for my test on wednesday and finding any excuse not to do so....i've just been showing off the girlygang blog to my friend when i realised that my little sis put a comment up. makes me wonder if our blog is considered PG or RA. with some of the stories that we get in here. hmm....

last week in the sem now. life is sooo boring.... i'm so sick of studying. i can't wait till i finish exams. then i can do thing during my hols. perhaps go for another road trip or at least shopping sprees. hehe....and i can borrow lots and lots of dvds and hide in my rabbit hole with a hot cup of coffee and hibernate. getting really chilly here.

Perth girls, there's a new restaurant in northbridge that's suppose to be quite good. it's called Room 19. for the past few months, there's been this reality tv show called "my restaurant rules" where 5 couples from sydney, melbourne, brisbanem, adelaide and perth all get a chance to set up their dream restaurant and the public votes how well they are doing (in terms of design, food, atmosphere, etc) and which couple to boot off each week. amazingly, perth was the last remaining restaurant, meaning they were the only couple who got to keep their restaurant. the rest lost their beloved restaurants. boohoo...strange show yes, but if it helped to create a new fantastic restaurant, i'm all for it! so come down soon girls and we can all go try it out.
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Friday, May 28, 2004

meteor garden feverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

stop poohpoohing me, its good . you just havnt watched it!

anyway i finished watching the anime version of the story, and i absolutely love it!its veryvery sweet.

meteor garden fever!!!! i *might* invest in the manga..

slightly embarressed,
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Thursday, May 27, 2004

red sky is dawningg and i feel like staying in bed all day!! :)
however will become temporary slave-to-the-wage starting monday, gorilla handsomus-davidus got me a job with his co.

good news is seeing g more often for 1 hr lunchtime manic shopping frenzies all over the southside! hehe.
now if onli we can convince angie to come meet us at cityhall..........

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I think I worry too much about work sometimes! Help! I have been dreaming about work almost everyday for the past week! Then i will wake up in the middle of the night, checking if its time to wake up. Goodness!

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Monday, May 24, 2004

Hi gals.

One of my distant uncle passed away due to cancer on Monday night. I was overcome by grief at his funeral last night, even thou I barely knew him. My heart goes out to his 2 little girls, one 10 year old, the other 14 year old. When I walked to the coffin, I was overwhelmed with some many thoughts running through my mind. I witness the love and unity of the family coming together at this difficult time and helping each other in every little way.

Honestly, I when read the obituaries I was taken quite a far bit. This soft-spoken uncle has been in fcb! and his company have actually put up a half page obituary ad for him. This led me thinking, if I were to die tomorrow, would my company put a half page non-cluttered obituary ad for me? Nah. I don’t think so.

Then this has even leaded me thinking even more as I talked to several other uncles who are in the media/ad industry. All of us lamented the lack of social life when they were young and they worked long long hours, got married at a late age. Afterall when they have sold their youth to the company and all we get is to have a half page obituary at the end of the day? I toss and turned last night and couldn't sleep a wink night after talking with my uncles, and I did some self - reflection, this I what I thought about my boss and workplace.

This is what I been thinking about my ‘1990 marketing trained boss’. I have a nagging feeling that the owner got a little too greedy. They wanted to squeeze more profit out of the same cost. It was no longer driven by passion but by money. So, the staff that was told to make the same dishes every day like an automated machine didn't care about what they were making.

In other words, the rookie was alienated and coerced to do up propaganda of communism for the purpose of making the Owners even richer. The rookie thought especially in creative businesses like advertising, alienation is the enemy to the business owner. The rookie thought, the chefs handcraft every plate they serve. Whether she/he cares about what he/she is making makes a world of difference in the quality of the product. Well, to sum it all, Love is the most important ingredient in any recipe. Without it, you might as well go into some other business. The rookie totally understand this, and she will propelled herself to follow and listen to her heart to follow her dreams, instead of being a turd lurking in shitty sea.


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Sunday, May 23, 2004


of late ive been having crazy craving for local food.... any pics of it would set me crazy.... i feel so extremly deprived from goood food...even hearing or verbalising their names can make me insane....CANT WaIT TO set foot on sg again....

yesteyday was my goth flatie's bday party...off to yet another goth club... we all dressed up again and i ended up looking like such a ho'(all the other nice stuff were borrowed..so i had to make do with the leftovers)plus i had to wear these horrible heels i borrored from my korean flatie(3 inches?? one size too small) that gave me pain with every step i took. the club was alright... kinda trashy but it was q. good fun, my tranny flatie was looking really good this time.. love his make up and fake glitter eye lashes..keke.man he was hoooking up with guys all the way..starting from some protugal guy in the tube to this hot french geek in the club and tons of other psycho goth types etc. my new cute jappy flatie went too..he's such a sweetie and managed to pull himself 2 hot chicks:>

on the way back these fucking disgusting coolio puffy daddy druggie types were all trying to get funny. felt sicksicksick. and cheap. and v grossed out. this is the last time im ever dressing up like that. v grossed out with myself. i hope i dont have to set foot in a goth club again! and i def have to move out of this ghettoo land!
damn i just want to hang out in my sweater, jeans and converse with a strongbow and good tunes...

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

hi girls, meet flea. he's been visiting me for a few months until recently. i think it realised that i ran out of cat food. took me 2 months to realise that it was a he and not a she cos he was so black you can't really see its genitals.


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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Was on the way to the lib in amk when i saw a mercedes with a tail. Then it struck me that cars dont have tails and it was a scary 3m long python crawling out of the back of the car!!!! David my kaypo ahpek bf called and the police soon came (so did a huge curious crowd and random tourists on their way to the zoo from the bus interchange). After a tussle managed to take the python away. It was very clever tho, and it slithered up a tree and peed a LOT of pee all over the cops. Never seen a python climb a tree before so it was pretty interesting!

Lots of aunties n uncles starting snappin pics with their camera phones so we had to join in too....

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

look what my friend copped!

and it only cost him au$250 . AND it still works!!
im so jealous i could cry :(

this is a pic of his room, which i think is really pretty.

kill this fella on sight so tt i can inherit his chair! its so ironic he doesnt even have enough hair to use the thing.


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Hi all,

Had a rude shock today. My dad was admitted to hospital due to a sudden heart problem. It is strange, considering that he doesnt smoke, drink excessively or have any history of heart disorders. We don't know whats the cause of this sudden attack yet. I can only pray that he gets better...

Felt so bad that I had to abandon my work last minute...I am so thankful I've got such a nice bunch of understanding and caring colleagues. Kudos to them!=)

Fanni-sorry can't meet you on thursday, I need to go hospital after work. Catch up with you over the weekend!


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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hello gals.

Just spend the last 2 hours looking at this year LaSalle diploma grad show. I was impressed by the quality of illustration and digital imaging work of the graduates. They were good.

However, when it comes to print ads. I was totally disappointed, by the mostly amateurish, ill conceived, poor Photoshop skills of the graduates. I didn’t want to come across as the know-it- all ad person. But, tell me. What any good is the ad if it does not create attention, arouse attention and hereby creating desires and call for action or even change in opinions?

From those ads I see, I see no effort in their work. Defiantly, doesn’t come across as blood sweat and tears. The way those grads do their work for the grad show is so slip slop slap. I say, give those ads a little respect mate. I’d rather they have great idea done on scamps rather than badly finished artwork pieces. Somewhat, I’m always annoyed if I see things that are just so-duh!!!

In my opinion, I certainly do relate advertising as a modernist art form. Why if you ask me? Ads embraces popular culture which defines the here and now. They also answer to social, personal, ethnical, political and sexual issues are brought to the mass media to be addressed and shared. Besides that, advertising is an escape pod for me. To say ads are laughing boxes, and a grim reminder of one's culture, language, traditions, habits are surived through advertising.

Singapore ads have always enjoyed a good reputation worldwide. The most successful ad campaign of all time, is no doubt is the SIA, “A great way to fly” campaign. In this case, if an ad campaign like this scale can consolidate identity, wouldn't advertising be ever more so important our young people trying to find our voice? This is my take.


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lately ive been super addicted to jeopardy,the trivia game and i played with friend for 7 hrs straight last night! its a badd badd time to be addicted im bzbzbz!!! anyway how is everyone doing today and are we wala-ing this friday?

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Monday, May 17, 2004

I can't get to sleep the whole of last night too! And when I did finally doze off, it was time to get up for work! I hate this kinda feeling, it made my monday blues even more unbearable!

I am feeling extremely extremely bored today. My colleague in the next cubicle went on leave, and theres no one for me to disturb. My only entertainment is communicating with angie and joyce via email.

On a lighter note, I can see that my mom is liking the hamster more and more. She named it "Fi FI" and its really really cute!

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

oh i cant get to sleep because im worrying about my masters application. to say it is a tedious process is a gross understatement. but all this stress is also mostly my own fault for i have chosen to commence my 29 page application only FOUR (miserable)days before my deadline!!! i had agesss to do it but i was happily indulging in a blissful mix of final fantasy 10,metropolismania and hana yori dango.

this reminds me of my law application forms which i only looked at the night before my interview and realized i had to write an essay to submit the next day!

there are so many things to do, a thousand administrative quibbles, emails to write, papers to assemble,and replies to wait for that i seriously fear things wont be done in time! i got so paranoid that i actually crawled out of bed at 5am to email my academic referees. oh god i hope they mail me back soon.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

had a blast!

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Friday, May 14, 2004

I think my secret ambition is to own a little shop or cafe of my own. Other than that, I just want to bum, relax and spend the rest of my life living from one country to another.

I feel like taking up piano classes, salsa classes, tennis classes, baking classes, make-up classes, fashion merchandising courses, french classes, yoga, pilates..and the list goes on!

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Hello gals…

The gig last night at Wala wala was fantastic. It really makes up for the dull constipated week in the office. Thanks Angie, you rock. Really appreciate that the effort of you getting a table at Wala so early for us. I would love to go back there next Friday night. It’s been eons since I last been there. I’m seriously thinking that if I ever choose to leave advertising as my career, I think I’m going to be a roadie, travelling with rockers and musicians touring the world. That’s my secret ambition gals.

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im so freaking horrified by my maid!
i went to the kitchen to get some water and i saw my maid coming out of the loo in her BRA. i said sorry sorry and rushed to my room. Later on i came out to get some food and she was mopping the living room in her bra!!!! i was like HEY, my father might come out i think you should put some clothes on......and she was like nono, daddy no come out wtf!!note this is almost 6am and my home is in full view of neighbors. i gave her a HUGE glare ( not very successful cos i wear super thick glasses) but it was sufficient to scare her into putting her top on again ...

well this isnt exactly the first incident...
when she first arrived,we caught her sleeping on my sisters bed and reading mags she took from my room . i only found out because i noticed i had zero magazines left in my loo (i usually have about 5-6)..she nicked them when i left the house for 5 mins!note i grew up with maids and i always treat them like my friends, but i seriously do not appreciate people taking my things sneakily. Once, i wanted to wash my face but couldnt find my face wash. a few days later i found it in her bathroom cupboard.i asked her why she took it she said she thought i threw it away because it was in my laundry basket...WHAT!! then were all the clothes in my laundry basket meant to be disposed?? and please, it was a full bottle to boot.

im seriously freaked out and i think im living with a total psycho!

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

My sister's first hamster pet died this morning. So tragic! My sister said it just collapsed on the floor and froze.

Bloodyhell, its almost weekend but not quite for me. Gotta do a morning shift on Saturday morning. It's been such a gruelling week, the most stressful so far!

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Monday, May 10, 2004

domestics rule!
room series 2
my favorite things...
blue robe
laundry day
3 quid teddy head rest
rug chair

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Hello ladies...

Rem i mention the 1K per mth fresh from school Laselle grad from China designer? I'm damn F**cking shocked that she doesn't even know how to go getty images and download images. What kinda of projects was she doing in Laselle? And not to mention her mock up skills are so bad. I'm not boasting, i think i can do better than her amateurish designs, thou my knowledge of freehand software maybe limited.

I highly suspected she paid someone to do her portfolio. Coz her graphic designs skills are disgusting. See, there is this interal logo re-design in our company. I nearly fainted when i saw hers. The fonts were bad and does not flow with her design. Man, i put up the logo for you guys to see next time the stuff she designed to see how salah it can get! Theory. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

fannster(The CW who is totally against lousy and lazy designers)
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Sunday, May 09, 2004

eye candy for the ladies

..........the fictitious ad from sex and the city.

A drink for the ladies...try it the next time you have a party.

ingredients include:
1 part simple syrup,
1 part fresh lime juice and a splash of pineapple juice.

Pour ABSOLUT VANILIA over ice in a shaker. (Create simple syrup by mixing equal parts water and sugar together and stand mixture aside until it has dissolved into a simple syrup). Add simple syrup, fresh lime juice and a splash of pineapple juice. Shake or stir well. Strain and serve in chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lime.
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I found happiness
a stranger has opened my heart & reminded me how good it feels like to "feel"
I tink I have some explaining to do, or else g & stel are gonna forever brand me as an embarrassing 17-yr-old-oogling-groupie....so pls bear wit me girls =I

how shld I start....
as you girlies shld know, this whole mess involves a certain-boy-from-Perth (I do not wanna name names), things ended pretty badly, & I have yet to completely get over it even til now. (I know im jus a pathetic slump of waste)
I've tried hating him by being angry & resentful, but it din happen, bcos the moment I hear his voice on the phone I could not even raise my voice to sound angry & scold him....
I've tried grieving non-stop all day in hopes I would hyperventilate & jus pass out forever, or look like a madwoman to my mom so she'd send me away to an institution, and lock me away....but it din work, cos crying so hard is realli hard work!! I'd jus tire myself out & fall into deep slumber. I dun tink I hav ever cried so much for such a long period of time..?
I've plotted & schemed every possible way to get myself back to Perth,....which was obviously an absolute waste of time, for my dad could not care less wat I wanted

but dat was last year, and I havent contacted him since the fire dat broke out in my neighbours's, & I can truthfully say Im doing much better now, esp with a new job to distract me...gives ppl the impression dat I'm moving on with my life. But u know how it is, those last few moments u hav at nite, when u're lying in bed after a long day, & everything's dark & quiet....dats the time when the mind's defense mechanism shuts down & all the bad, painful memories u've struggled to suppressed comes flowing endlessly back into your consciousness.
It haunts you everynite.
Some days are better, when I'm extremely tired n would jus knock out, but other days (like most recently last wed) it was unbearable, tink I've been more edgy recently cos it's his birthday next wed...n I stil do not know whether or not I should do anything about it... *

sometimes I feel I wont find someone else I could ever feel so much for, it was jus too hard & too troublesome, I dun even know where to begin. I know that sometimes, I jus dun wan myself to.
But that Friday night, we were jus hangin n havin a few drinks, never expecting anything to happen, but the moment I heard dat voice...I smiled uncontrollably, I felt so good inside, the happiness was overwhelming!!...it was the kind of happiness I havent felt in awhile, i cant explain why i had felt dat way, or how a stranger could hav such an effect on me, but i couldnt care less either, cos i like how i was feeling (",)
I know me goin gaga over some 'voice' sounds all too familiar to some of u...but hey! stel n g also admit he's good.

we all strive to seek happiness in our lives
even if this is jus a temporary thing, i will hold on to it for as long as it lasts.
to me he is a muse, who inspires me to be a better person, who gives me something to look forward to after a wk of work...a stranger who showed me I was capable of loving another.
I do not carry false hopes of knowing him oneday, things are good the way they are now...
For now, I am happy.


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oh no im so terribly sad! i accidentally deleted d's bday pics! they were such nice pics too, and now i have nothing to remember yesterday by except with my (failing) memory.



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Saturday, May 08, 2004

My sister bought my mom a pair of hamsters for mother's day, which we are going to present to her during dinner later. Its something to keep her occupied everyday. I hope she doesn't make me clean the cages for her during weekends because I'm quite scared of hamsters :
Worse scenario: What if they reproduce! EEks

stel: I see your cousin Paul tan everywhere, like I see Dickson! Oh well, he was nice enough to purchase something from the spca stall where me and angie were volunteering our services for yesterday.

Shihui: I don't watch tv anymore, nothing nice at night, and I sleep VERY early during weekdays.

Fanni: When are u free to go sign up for class? It's quite near my workplace, I can go anytime of the week except for thursday, cos i've got a meeting at night.


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my room at dawn...it's really this pretty *well i think it is ;P*

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Friday, May 07, 2004

Could i have a show of hands how many of you get to watch sex & the city in singapore? And can someone wake angie up? i haven't seen her round here recently.....
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Another 65 mins to a absolutely crap working friday. :D
Anway, are there any takers for the movie, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?
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Thursday, May 06, 2004

I had a huge scare during lunch just now! Thought I lost my wallet while walking around citylink mall..finally found it in my umbrella, of all places..such a fool! Not to mention I've totally embarrassed myself at work for the past 2 days!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

im so glad april has come to passt!!! nice closure to many overdued matters! on with MAY, June & JULY! ill be back on the 26th of June! cant waitttt! xoxoxoxo michelle
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Monday, May 03, 2004

What on earth happened to the blog's entry page?? it looks so minimalist. anyway, thanx for your input....stupid thing won't let anyone else comment anymore. max 5 comments.

Fanni: Chief is too funky for the old guy. look at him!! he's not hip enuff to carry it off. but thanx for your input..keep them coming!

Gayle: Hum-a-tune? has possibilities.... it's a bit like stella's singasong.

mich: i can't be buggered swapping the legs now..haha...thought it looked ok....i hate working with flash....

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

looookk i madeee thisss!! i found the tutorial in the t-shirt surgery livejournal community. Click HERE to see tutorial.

i used an old bowie tee ( was so afriaid i'd ruin it) but i lovee thiss im going to wear it everywhereee to the park to schoool to whereeverrr.

arggg sorry 2nd pic is blurry. i can't flash into the mirror.

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Hi lovelies...stella came up with a brilliant idea!

i need you guys to think of a name suitable for kids for this little guy. Mich drew him. I'm using him in an education prog on classical music for kids. so preferably, have the name related to music. It should start with Mr or Prof. eg: Prof SingASong. come on..help me out..it's due in next week and i've got heaps more to do!

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