Thursday, August 29, 2002

hi girls, sorry i've been so out of it the last few months. Hasn't been a good semester for me. Been having a lot on my mind the past few months. good to see all of you look so illuminating in the photos. take care alright?
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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

gahhh!!!!!! some times i really want to choke myself.

i missed qingya's call on my handphone and she left me a voicemail to say that she's going now and to say ciao to mich as well.


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Monday, August 26, 2002

Hello everyone!

It feels so good to see recent pictures of u girls!Everyone looks like they have fantastic skin in the pictures! Also, u girls look so cheerful and I think all of you have grown prettier from the last time. I am envious!

Been seeing more of Angie and Shihui this semester..which is a good thing cos I hardly saw them last sem..and yes Angie just turned 21 two weeks ago and her parents and Victor came all the way down to celebrate it with her!

I just discovered that there are heaps of cjcians in Perth...been seeing them all over the place..oh I met puny Adrian at a club last week and he looks grosser than ever with long blonde hair now and yes he never seem to grow out of his hawaiian shirts and "hum sup" look face!

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Sunday, August 25, 2002

night out:DOME & balaclava

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Thursday, August 22, 2002

some of the one trill tioman pix.....and oi, where are your pics mich!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

am lazy to post pics...so here's just one very special one for you girls :>

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Monday, August 19, 2002

hi guys! i am back from the land of tioman!

it is suffice to say it was really really nice, and the nicest thing was to be able to get away and be alone/unharrassed for a few days. i stayed in this nice wooden beachside chalet thing, went snorkelling around tioman and the nearby islands( and cut myself badly on barnacles) . Explored a bit of the island and trekked to this miniwaterfall in the jungle.

snorkelling is lovely, tho i had lots of problems with the snorkel gear which kept falling off my face. corals and fish are lovely...! and the waters are really clear, not murky and gross like here.didnt want to come back but here i am anyways. will post some pics soon...but meanwhiles check out jon's pics of jb at www.thetick.blogspot.com.

oh, and watch this space for pic of bald paul tan, fresh from BMT, cackle!

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stel are u back from all the sun and fun? shi hui where are u?!? show us pics of your new house! gayle showed me a recent pic of u...u lost weight and look fab!
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yes we will! darn sorry i've been busy preparing for my graduation on fri and wasted the whole weekend away packing my room and placing shite up on ebay! we will meet up this weekend...hopefully all my pics are ready!

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WARNING! I am leaving Singapore in a week. So Michelle and Stella, make yourselves available this weekend.
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Monday, August 12, 2002

Michelle, you have returned at long last my friend! When can I get to see you?? Anyway girls, I met up with Wenny yesterday and we just talked the evening and night away! She looks really good with this bronze tan she got from Italy and Egypt (yes, that lucky girl). She's really good and is happy with Marco. I was so happy to see her...simply elated! I will probably study a semester in Italy next year...have to find out more about it from my uni. My bones are giving me problems...will be going to this Chinese physician again later....been doing that for the past few weeks...He's like treating my back and this shoulder injury I got from volleyball like 3 years back...weird. Alright, keep me updated. Ciao le ragazze!
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yo girls
im back to the land of humid and hopelessness...
london's been a great vacation while europe more of a hectic backpacking trip althought i must say i enjoy the European coutries more...eh like i was saying when i first got to uk i was totally emaciated and tired with gross skin condition so i spend most of the time chilling at tina's house which was reallly nice..she has a pretty huge apartment and i got her bf's room ( he went back to japan). so it felt like home away from home..... only thing i have to complain about is london bloody transportation...tamade i got fined 10 pounds but that's cos i was a cheapo and was using a student Tube card... hmm we also caused a road accident...very very tramatised by it......good thing no one was hurt!
we did q. abit of clubbing... went to propaganda... where they played old alternative music..and screen drunken master....music was bad and diff to dance to but there were full of weridos...and it was nice to pple watch and interact with them....and from there we went on sort of a double date with this 2 jap dudes...they were q. a disaster but it was a nice picnic at west minister ! went to fabric live to catch jamess lavelle...man the place was like over packed..we went in early and decided to leave cos it was too crowded and gross but when we left the queu outside was so long..made me feel abit like an idiot to walk away from the club...
i caught chicks on speed on this ladyfest thingy that was happening then so that was really good!...
tina had summer classes during the second week so everyday i'll hang ard the house, make lunch and leave by late noon to the markets etcetc..
i was supposed to return to spain to catch my flight back but due to some problems blahblahblah i decided to get a one way back to sg from london... and when i was transiting at amsterdam, the airlines were looking for 2 volenteers to give up their tickets, which i did so i was placed in a nice hotel with dinner and i spend a day in amsterdamn going to places ive missed out the other time and i did more shopping...plus they also gave me a 300 euros flight vouchure..yes i am greedy!
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hi girls...had a lovely hot weekend in jb with jon and liz, took a lot of silly pics ,ate,shopped and stayed in the pool a lot...

also went to the beach with a big grp of friends on friday and had lots of fun kayaking and beachvolleyballing...brilliant weather! we snuck into rasa sentosa shangrila to dip in the pool before stealing into the hotel loos to take nice hot bath after,ha!

me and stef kayaked to a small deserted off sentosa beach and ran around like madcats trying to stuff sand down each other's pants. when we all got back to our friends they said they were actually watching us from the main island...which is TRES embarresssing... they said we looked very bluelagoonish until we revealed the nasty things we were actually doing from afar.. kayaking is really fun! i love the sea, altho sentosa's waters are abit gross.

i love kayaking...the bobbing heads swimming in the sea were yelling hi as we sailed by, which is so funny :>

we swam out to floating platforms in the sea as well...i was so afriad id be eaten by a stingray but i didnt..oh well...and we played volley with this big bunch of friendly 20 yos cos we didnt have enough players... dont worry im still pretty pale...i slathered myself with spf 1000...

more sun and sea and fun this weekend cos im going to TIOMAN whooooopeeeeeeeee!


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Sunday, August 04, 2002

stef's bday chalet over the weekend... everybody ate and drank too much and lots of people turned up, we swam and played mahjong and talked and bbq-ed and laughed. vvv fun, tho two soddin classmates still owe me money for the present!!!! hur hur. we bought her a lovely lava lamp. i hope she likes. she got me panties for my bday...bought them in front of my nose too..and a pair of prettyfit heels that ive worn till its been worn away...
also was treated to nice aromatherapy oil massage on friday.. yarrgg i had to strip! and the lady working on me was really strong so i was in some pain.but now body feels really moisturized, altho a little beet injured. i think i still smell eucalyptus on me.....

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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Yo Stel, relax. I am not pointing the finger of accusation at you. I have actually been meeting up with some of my friends, and this guy I've not seen for over 2 years. It's just that I really(X10) wish that I can go travelling. You know how I LOVE to travel. I gripe so much about being mired in this pathetic state of ennui for I can't get to go anywhere this summer! Anyway, Shihui and Gayle genki desu? I miss you guys very much. I know I keep saying this but I really mean it. Hope that the meaning wouldn't be undermined through the extensive usage of it...heh. Be', io non avevo fumare la sigaretta delle cinque settimane!!! (I have not smoked a cigarette for 5 weeks) Can you believe it?! But I seriously don't intend to quit though (at least not in the next 5 yrs). I've been smoking for more than 5 years and I think that my lungs are charred! But I really don't give a fuck. I only care about my appearance (man, I am the epitome of a vainpot!!). Ciao le ragazze!!
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