Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hello lovlies

All of a sudden, right here right now, im feeling the strain as i typed in this entry. This probably may the last entry from this office. I’m feeling quite upset, with the fact I will miss my close knit team here. My ever wonderful co-workers, the food, music and laughters, the Xerox machine, my supper nice and fast G4 pure white eMac compute. Oh the industrial paper cutting machine, the mass smoking session and late nights and the beers at the coffee shop downstairs.

It’s been really good fun all these while working these guys. The downside, my bosses are the immediate pain in arse. Anyway, all bosses are the same anywhere. The only thing I can say about my boss is. I’m just constantly amazed at how absurdly ignorant some people are. They “act” as if they are the only ones on earth. Man, mixed bag feelings are hard to stomach. On one hand, I’m feeling really sad with the appending goodbyes. And the other hand, I’m so looking forward to my stint in Beijing. I repeat, don't get sentimental girls, i will really cry when i see the goodbye faces.

P.s (Girls, shall we get together before I leave next Wednesday) We can got to qy's place if her leg is giving her problem. I miss the griller steam boat thingy we had there last time

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

GAYLE you are great! Thanks for being there for me!!
I miss everyone :(
SHIHUI you have to come back soon soon sooooooooooooooooon!
STELLABELLA good luck for your exams! I'm sure you will do well with those sleepless nights and days!
MICHMICH how is london treating you? come back soooooon also!
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Friday, September 24, 2004

wat a b-grade circumstance, anticlimax bullshit to the maximus!>:(

i spent two days of my precious one week hol (and prolly 2 kg) muggin for a major exam and it got postphoned!turns out profs are in vietnam and there's something wrong with the internet connection there---they couldnt mail us our exam qtns.

grrrrr we spent abt 4 hours waiting online b4 notice came and all my weekend plans are screwed up now. >:(

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i'm so bored.... i've got 2 and a half hours till my next lecture and it's 3 hours long... and i'm tired and sleepy already... i'm gonna keep whining until 7.30 tonight... looking forward to a night out with some friends though, that is if things go as planned. but it looks like i'll be sober for the night, cos i have to drive myself home....sigh.....we'll see.....get tipsy happy or drive and save the money? i wanna go home now.....
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Sunday, September 19, 2004

stel and i have an official complain to make:
Miss Gayle Ng, you have no blogged since 28th June. you better start blogging or we'll email bomb you (you know i can and i will) .... and send rotten eggs to your house. hahaha.....

gayley, at least update the poor souls who are overseas on your exciting life. i miss you. i don't even know what's going on with you now...

you've had an official warning, ok?;P

angie.... you've got no excuse not to blog... and you're suppose to put pictures of your dog to show me.... :(
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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hi girls. Everyone is so busy with work and school and not blogging much these days hey?

Anyhow, I’m leaving Singapore on 6Oct midnight instead of 25Sept. Rational thought reasoning and logic make sense that my last day at work is at the end of the month. And today, I forgot to bring my mobile phone to work and so I’m heading home during lunch time to pick it up. Feels so naked without my mobile with me. Forgetting to bring money or my ipod doesn’t even feel that bad.

I knock off at an average around 9 odd these days. And of course, I bet my bosses are laughing all the way to the bank as there are really many many work these days. I couldn’t really tell my boss is mocking me and my colleague or is she being serious when she said, “ If you got the wrong file into the SPH system, you can work here for me.. Free of charge for the next two years! You guys can never pay me back cost! This ad costs 18k” Girls, whatcha you guys think about that when your boss says that your face? I wasn't much affected becoz it just goes out by the other ear. But my colleague was kinda pissed at her rude comments.

Like i was telling my colleagues, our bosses increases their profits by paying employees crap and they don't have to worry about treating them with respect, paying them a living wage or maybe thinking about the fact that they're human beings with families to support because they're 'disposable,' especially in poor economic times. And even in good economic times there is always someone you can replace them with. How McDonald’s is that? And it seems that i'm the only one realisoning this.This is another lesson i've learnt the cold hard lesson, called working life. Remember girlies, God's watching over us.


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Monday, September 06, 2004

Spinster diary entry # 235

I'm not in love for the longest time. There's nothing much to really frigging give a damn about it! And I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

been feeling kinda under the weather lately. battling old demons again. been having such mood swings it's not funny.... and i disgust myself for being like this......

but on the brighter note:
Spring is here, at last!!!

Went to Araluen on friday to see the spring blooms. a little early for roses or daffodils but the tulips were gooorrrrgeous!! and in so many colours!!! took some pictures. aren't they just beautiful???

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