Saturday, May 31, 2003

omg am i an ol fart or is my kid sister a rawwwker?? she's ten and she's downloading stuff like good charlotte on my blubster! and i caught her singing the scientist by coldplay!! goodiee..

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

yesterday was a day of Hi-s and Lo-s.

I was Lo when i saw my exams grades and saw that i only did so-so. Worried that my grades had dropped . EEPS.

Then i opened the honours roll and realized i was on it!

Went home and my orange hamster had passed away :( She was only 5 mths old. Byebye Mustard. SIbyl sobbed like mad and wrote her a note to put in her coffinbox. She sobbingly told me we would have to write to our ex-maid to tell her, cos it was my ex-maids fave hamster. :(

Then my father empited his wallet and gave it to me cos he was so happy abt the honors thing.

WHat a day of HIs and LOs. :( :)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

PLS READ. THIS IS MY ESSENTIAL READING LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mich read gayle read hui read.

this site
and then this site

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yo girls
it's been freaking hot of late. im totally burning my arse sitting infront of the comp all day..been busy working on webpages and inbetween ebaying and sewing shite.....gosh i feel like one of those weird psychotic hermit with some serious social and metal issues or one of those kikikomori or watever u call them.
alll these are gonna end soon. strange, im not look forward to it

btw im finallyy sick of clubbing! atlast. fantastic cos it's gonnna make me richer. i shall start to conserve all my partying mood and clubbing energy and start eating well cos once guru G comes back. we are gonna party till like *&#$*#(#**$!!!!

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some pictures we took while out for coffee in subiaco

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Friday, May 16, 2003

i have a red eye! :( i swear i havnt gone peeping-tomming. micch where are uuu....

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Monday, May 12, 2003

I've got a cat!! ok....so maybe it's not mine and it doesn't live with me (i can't keep pets in my apartment). But this cat's been visiting me every few days waiting downstiars by my balcony. It's got a beautiful brown coat that gleams in the sunlight... I don't think its a stray, it's got a tag....It's called Belle. I've been feeding it and playing with it... i was trying to lure the cat up to my balcony but it's such a scardy cat (pun not intended) it refuse to even try jumping up, But it's still sweet. I was feeding it cheese the other day and the cheese got stuck right on top of it's head and it didn't even know..it was hilarious... I've painted her name on a old tuperware i'm feeding her from. i feel like cat-napping it...hyuk hyuk hyuk......
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girlls i bought a digi cum webcam so dl yahoo messaunger, request auth from "stellateo" and watch me dig my nose atcha!

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

I think i'm turning into a workaholic.... The entire day, i couldn't stop thinking about my final year project and though we're not exactly rushed for time, i'm pissed off that my team mate is so f***ing slow and blur...wasting so much time....inefficient...tsk tsk.....I've decided to come down to school to speed things up... I'm such a loser.... i don't need to be in school now but i AM because i can't stand not doing work..... see, Gayle, I am a nerd.....I'm just waiting for Dreamweaver to be installed now....gosh, i'm driving myself crazy........i'll try to remember to blog again before i go home....

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

ok this is what i chanced upon on the internet abt jlo's ass...its *not* really reflective of my personal opinion and is very very mean but nevertheless its so dammmmn funny:

J-LO, you're KIND OF NASTY...with your GHETTO BOOTY...girl, don't you know that will be all saggy when you get older...you'll have to buy shoes for your ass cheeks or suffer from road rash.

and THIS totally cracked me up!

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

cuticura (06:45 PM) :
i needta shit damn bad but im lazy to go
mich (06:46 PM) :
u pig...shit in ur pants loh
cuticura (06:48 PM) :
i shat in the storeroom b4, when i was a kid
mich (06:48 PM) :
gross !
cuticura (06:52 PM) :
what is the grossest thing u have ever done
mich (06:52 PM) :
i dunno i think i once had to dig shit out of my arse
mich (06:52 PM) :
when i had constipation.....i was so gross out i felt weak
cuticura (06:52 PM) :
i used to shit in my panties n throw them downstairs. then i wd be so guiltstricken id wake my mother up at nite n tell her
mich (06:52 PM) :
and was pale the whole day
cuticura (06:53 PM) :
eee i hate shit. how i wish pple no need to shit bathe n pee
mich (06:53 PM) :
hahah i dare u to post this up on the blog

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Friday, May 02, 2003

Girls, there are definitely good people in the world ...
I actually left my phone under my table after the exams but i remembered just a minute after leaving n managed to get my phone back. I just got an email from the person who found my phone, she's a stranger but somehow she knew my name and managed to dig up my email from school records (i think?) and mailed me telling me she left the hp with our prof. Wot a nice person! Im really touched. I was just telling d how i'd probably keep a hp if i found it .(yes i know thats vvvv horrid..) but now i truly change my mind. Tho i didnt exactly lose the phone at all it just makes my day there are still such good people around .

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