Sunday, January 27, 2002

i cant wait to grad and start my new working/further studying life...i need to meet new pplee!

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Thursday, January 24, 2002

arghhh. i is not having good day.

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Friday, January 18, 2002

stella....i thought you said you had problems logging in? it seems fine what. anyway... just came back from balaclava with the girls. it was fun, mich, wish you could have made it. we just chat and chat.... as i was telling the girls, i bought 2 pairs of shoes today...so horrible right... i would have bought more if only i had the money. suddenly in a shoe craze. dunno why. got so pissed off shopping for new year clothes. can't find anything suitable. so hard to shop...cannot wear black, cannot wear sleeveless, cannot this, cannot that.... aaaargh.... i'll prob end up wearing old clothes.
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Friday, January 11, 2002

Girls ten minutes ago i recieved an email saying that i was allocated a hostel room at PGP..........taking into account how they screwed me over at first, 5 mins ago i was totally ecstatic! But i feel so mentally unprepared to finally move out of my (sheltered) home! Today i get the letter, tommorw i will be making my way to sch to collect my keys, clean up and on sunday i will start moving in already. I think i'll really miss my family, esp my kid sister...i can hardly imagine not seeing them everyday......im such a wussy i know............but im happy cos i have two 8am lectures , 1 10am one...etcetc......but what if i get lonely at night....then i cant wake my sister up to play uno with me......what if my hostel mates are unfriendly and horrid.....etc...ok im paranoid....but this is all so quick haha. Argh, just get it over with and will report circumstances later.

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Thursday, January 10, 2002

hey girls...school is good so far...yes i really wanna watch amelie but it's rA and i'm seriously sick of smuggling into theaters...girls..if ure free go down to SAM...there is this nokia art exibition now and it's pretty good... some of the works are comparable to MoMA standards or close to it...!and i finallllllllllllly watched lord of the rings yesterday....heh.. act yesterday was a very fulfilling day...i managed to consult my lect..after a 3 hours wait ...watched a whole series of short animation ...go to the SAM and watch lord of the rings...and blech my eyebrow.....
oh i heard that sean got married!
do u all have problems logging in? the new log in name is the_gg
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Saturday, January 05, 2002

Hi girlies, how come no updates the past week..mich hows sch? I start tm and im in denial...... Shihui........lets go night safari, gayle hasnt been there and i dont mind going again.........Gayle.......how is your lump removal plastic surgery? So is the scar an X or an O? I forgot to tell you guys, i went to watch this superb french film called Amelie yesterday with Ming ( my cool gay poet friend who looks so hip now!).....it was fantastic....i love the story, the sets and the soundtrack. MUST watch.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Girls........... i woke up at 9am this morning to get on the comp to register for this Visual Ethnography course by this superb lecturer ..he has really unconventional, radical ideas and i really enjoyed his Mass Media class last year! But then the website said that for that particular module id have to go down to NUS to register and when i got there the bloody brainless department secretary did not even know what was happening. Argh. Anyway she claims the quota for that course is full which means i can only take it next year...........and now im stuck with this BLOODY bimbotic module i swear.......its this Science Module called Cosmetics and Perfumes......Argh......it is going to look so ridiculous in my future resume and graduation cert. :/

If i cant get a job when i graduate, at least i'll be qualified to be a Clinque ahlian :(

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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

hey girls...neil coding quit suede cos he is suffering from some chronic fatigue syndrome. apprently this is really old news but i just got to hear about it now...how saddddddddd..........suede will never be the same without him....and brett is now blonde....he looks horrid.

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Happy new year girls!

First day of the new year and I hope everything has been well so far?
I spent my whole day resting, sleeping and eating.
I think my second new year resolution is to cut down the number of hours that I sleep and learn to be more energetic.
Third resolution : appreciate everyone around me, especially my family. I think I have been quite cruel to them for the past 20 years!
Fourth resolution: Learn to be more positive and less paranoid.
Fifth resolution: Try to be more hardworking when it comes to work and er, sometimes going out. ( I think this repeats every year)

I am determined to make 2002 a better year. U girls must support me on that!


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