Monday, January 24, 2005

Holiday from hell update #1

been back for....4 days, i think. at home, things have been going rather smoothly with the expected turbulence. slowly trying to calm things down. trying to keep myself occupied so as not to go crazy from boredom or thinking too much. it's a vicious cycle. i have to be busy and stress so as to not invite more input of stress and unneccessary banter. if i'm too relax and free, people pack lunchboxes and packages of stress and leave them at my door....it's as if there's a equilibrium level of unhappiness that has to be present in this house. things are really fake now.... conversations sound orchestrated and artificial. but i really am thankful for the state things are in now. i'm not too greedy

outside of the home is a different story. i'm having heaps of fun, going window shopping (i'm so extremely broke) sorry i haven't really been meeting up with you girls. have been occupied. will arrange to meet up soon. and hopefully i can get your presents (x'mas pressies) back from Sharon Claus soon.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hi darlings,

i'll be back soon.... this time i'm going back with mixed feelings.... i'm sooo tempted to postpone my trip cos i've got so many things to settle here. i'm trying to apply for a few casual jobs..(good paying casual jobs) but my visa is messed up...sigh.....plus i'm a bit wary of going back with the state my family's in. i wonder what's in the next episode of the "Teh Family Saga". babes, you guys will have to be my pillars of strength and shoulders to cry on....hopefully i won't need the latter.

also CNY is always a depressing time of the year when relatives remind you how fat you are, how successful they are and that you are in your child-bearing years etc etc etc...

and of cos, my poor darlings are left in perth by themselves, having to take care of each other and feed each other...well, the cat won't be feeding Ben, but it'll be entertaining him, i expect.

with these discouraging factors, you would wonder why i'm gong back....It's all summarised in 5 words:

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

hi girls

how's the x'mas and new year celebrations. it's been kinda weird for me. i've spend my x'mas in mandurah (about 2 hours drive from perth) with a friend and his family. spend x'mad and boxing day stuffing ourselves with turkey, ham, crayfish, prawns.... yum... and soaking in the pool. it was fun. it was really nice of his family to invite us along. they taught me how play cricket though i still don't really understand the game. it was a true aussie x'mas.

didn't do anything for new year's, kinda didn't realise it was new year's. ben went camping with a buddy and i was home babysitting a cat. and doing all the girly things i have been meaning to do for months (watch soppy movies, window shopping, sushi diet, stop whinging, stel)

i've been keeping myself occupied these few days before i head back on the 20th of jan. been spending a lot of time on the beach. got my first sunburn of my life a week before x'mas. went out on a boat with friends and forgot to apply the sunblock on my back. ouch...the aftermath wasn't a very fun experience. but the boating itself was fun. went crabbing out there and caught a few nice ones, but the fishing was a disappointment.

i hope you girls got your pressies from sharon already. at least get them before i get back to s'pore. i don't know what the point would be if i got back before the pressies.

till my next blog, be good, stay true to your new year resolutions, and think of me. :P

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

gbye 2004, may 2005 keep the good and forget the bad.

my simple resolutions:
i hope
1)to be a better(more independent, smarter, kinder, more focussed) person
2)that all i desire n pray for will come to me
3)the people i love will be safe and things go smoothly for them

what are your resolutions?

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