Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hi lovlies,

I'm back in sgp from the freezing beijing. I'm loving the tropical heat for once. No more static shocks and my skin is no longer flaking.... Wil be here for one week or so. Chinese New Year lunches and dinners are so awkward; considering the dysfunctional relationships within the extended family. I totally agree, it's all fake. And I go get nagged lot by relatives, "when are you getting married, how's your work... and all the prententious stuff...... It drives me to the wall.

Think I'll just chill for the rest of the week. I may wanna to go KL to relax and have a break. Girls, lets meet up before we miss each other again. You can reach me at my old mobile number.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Holiday from hell update #3

Been sick for 2 whole days!!! it's terrible...stomach flu, is the suspected culprit. stel's tummy was funny on friday and me, being the greedy one, had a bit of her mushroom soup during dinner. saturday morning, i was sick like hell, vomitting , tummy ache, back ache, sore legs, headache, it was unbearable...i slept the day away. was stuffed with strange smelling chinese medicines whose names i can't even read. yuck.

sunday was much better. still couldn't eat so was queasy the whole day and groggy too...

monday, i'm all better with the occasional nausea. then LH got sick with vomitting etc....got sent home from school, saw a doctor, still continued yakking. my poor little one..... finally realised she had colic so i burped her for 5 mins like a baby so her lunch will stay put in her stomach. sigh...and tomorrow night is reunion dinner..... and 2 days of heavy eating.....how are we to survive?
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Holiday from hell update #2

things are sooooo crazy....i've got soooo many things to do and soooo many people to meet i'm going nuts...this is no holiday.... holiday is doing nothing....my schedule is so tight i'm double booking myself unknowingly...arghhh!!! i can't wait to go back where i can re-establish my routine.

still have so many people to meet.... can't wait for friday thought, when CH comes to visit and we go for dinner... good opportunity to take lots of pictures of the gang (most of us) while i can....

10 more days to go
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