Sunday, August 29, 2004

My boss asked me into her office just then for an “unofficial” talk in her office about my job performance. It's the scenario so sombe like the ones on reality TV, "The apprentice". Nah! she is so not flying me to go on her huge jets for a all paid expenses holidays. She merely sat me down spoke to me in a nice tone, just like donald trump did to the contestants. She told me because her clients are not exactly wanting to host events now, and there are only so many photo shoots I can coordinate these days. Therefore, me being a sole copywriter in this place will not make me have a fullfilling worklife.

So, she offered me an indecent proposal. Hahhahha

In her words, “How do you think you can multi-task besides being a copywriter in this office?”

That scene of The Wolf says in Pulp Fiction comes into my mind: “Good job, gentlemen. But there’s still a lot of work to do, so let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet”.

There’s a quote for every occasion in Pulp Fiction. Lol

She further reiterated how she had transforced this another copywriter into her account servicing whore squad. She told me nicely, that that I don’t exactly suit being her kind of account service staff, perhaps i'm being too straightforward and I do not bullshit people or even suck up to silly assholes. Typical Chinese bosses like mine generally want someone really docile, cheap labor and do things their way, may it be horrendously wrong.

She goes on saying that, “Maybe we can rope you in for freelance in the future instead?” Meaning, we cannot afford this graduate just to do copywriting because I cannot slave her by doing only one specalised task.She goes on and on saying, she is giving me one week to decide what can I do beside being a copywriter?

Basically, there’s nothing else I could do in this office beside being copywriter. That's why i was employed in the first place. Duh! Anyway, the receptionist, cleanining aunties, driver roles are filled in the office. Did I just got “fired” in a nice way?
Maybe I’m. She gave me a week to consider what else could I possibly do besides writing copy that pushes her products so that she will still stay in big arse condo and travels in the shinning S- class mercedees?

Figuring I would have neither the time nor energy to really give a piss about all this drama. Female bosses and their antics. Gezz! It's so laughable that i can really drop dead from my chair. I really felt the urge to tell her I’m leaving Singapore for Beijing in less than a month’s time. But I didn’t. I will just hand in my resignation later in 2 more weeks. I love suprises, afterall a good ad should always maintain the element of suprise.

Man, I love this workplace. It lends itself to political workplace satire all too easily. I can’t believe I’m leaving. Woohoo! Beijing, here I come. I have places to go, I’ve got people to see.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

uh oh damn paiseh! apparently the trailer for the next sg idol episode has a glimpse of me and my happy classmates in the audience. arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

(.......secretly, we had sooooo much fun!!!)



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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Another chance again girls.

i want to know what happens next after 9 long years. So bad!


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Monday, August 23, 2004

wedding photos are finally here!!!!

picked a few out of the 600+ batch to show you.

my sister-in-law's brother and niece waiting for the tea ceremony to commence:

At ROM. they actually got a parking ticket on that day!:

cobie wanted to join in the fun:

the view from China Club where the dinner was held. it was sooo beautiful:

my aunt and i just before the dinner:

the happy couple:

my dad tearing from my brother's speech:

all my siblings:

after the dinner, last photo of the day:

for once, i actually enjoyed a wedding and the wedding couple actually had fun and got to eat! it was a small and intimate wedding dinner and it just seemed so much more personal. and the decor of the place was elegant yet cosy.

just realised that the photographer actually had a solo exhibition in the singapore history museum. some of his photos were really amazing.....never seen singapore that way before. being able to see things in a different way sometimes just makes you feel alive. right now, i feel something's missing from my life. haven't been able to pinpoint what it is for the last few years.......
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hello girlies.....
this is another msg for the masses...
my place will be empty next wkend (not sure yet if my bro also goin indo too, not confirmed, but his pressence wont be felt cos chances are, he wont b home anyway)
so tinking of having a steamboat again!!!! muahhahahah.....and drinks of course (hee hee hee *grin*)
so tentatively, since i checked the last time, it shld b on 28th Aug (Sat).
time unconfimed yet....seeing some ppl hav WOMAD or godknows wudever other gigs to go to...im guessing will b a late-dinner/supper steamboat???? i dunno, pls comment.
anytime is fine for me, as long as majority are fine. so let me know.

im fine with settling the food, (as long as i know how many ppl to cater for, so pls confirm attendence), and bring ppl if u wan to. drinks...limited, so b.y.o. if u are incorrigible alcoholics.

10 Reasons
1. Gathering wit good frens gives ppl suuuuch a natural high.
2. Angie wans to show off her oh-so-cute puppie...hurhurhur
3. Fanni's leaving soon, so we need to meet up with her.
4. Celebrate end of working month, and my last month WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!
5. Good food (must enjoy life!!)
6. I dun get the house all to myself much, so must make good use when can..hahhaha
7. did i mention you get to play with my puppie..?? hiak hiak
8. Do we realli need a good reason to gather for drinks????!?!?!
9. errmm...errr.....eehhh....hmmmm.....new pup?
10. angie misses u all alot, n is dying to see u all again soon.

so there. gd enuff for u ppl??
so girls, lets make this happen (dun nua here..nua there), come wit an open mind, and it'll all be good!!!

so pls call/sms me wit comments/suggestions/confirmations bla bla bla...
hope to see u gals soon!

QY, sorry u cant come cos ur movement not convenient....=(
Shihui + Mich, we will take loads of pics to make u guys drool....tho' im sure u guys are having heaps more fun in aussie land n UK la yah, so i wont bother feeling sorrie for u guys =Þ hiak
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Saturday, August 21, 2004

i made these:

my new hobby is soaping! ive had a fantastic time shopping for supplies n reading up recipes and im super proud i didnt screw up. hehehe. the one on the left is a brown clay exfoliant thingy and the one on the right's a pink n brown clear soap with pink jewels inside

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Couldn’t sleep much despite I’m kinda worn out at work. In another month’s time, I’ll be leaving this place I call home to embark on a new chapter of my life. Right now, I’m in the process of getting my new namecards re-design, and polishing up some self- promo and of course keeping track of my portfolio. Girls, I kept reminiscing those hundred different tomorrows, and a hundred different yesterdays last night. Lotsa of silly, sad, happy, painful memories came gushing out. – Frankly, I haven't got a clue what that means, but I know my heart does yearn so hard that my mind is in a total wreck. Revolving notions of adventure, unkown, fear, cynicism, idiosyncrasies.
Do any of you believe in divergent futures? Like, wanting to know what might have happened - or going to happen to me in the state of mind? It’s really a strange thought even thinking of the many what ifs?

Very soon, i'll be gearing to pack my luggage, yearning to travel all the way to the airport, cleared customs and shopping at the duty free stores whilst waiting the gate to open and hop on the plane. There’s this inherent strange feeling that I’d imagine when the announcements came to somehow I couldn't budge. I’m fascinated about the airport guys. The places of many goodbyes and welcomes, the expressions people wear on their faces, the many stories behind each individual is amazing.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Girls, any of you experience real bad static shocks? Is there a way to cure static shocks?

I’ve been electrocuted several times a day by the office’s conference doorknobs and doors, It’s so bad that even my colleagues can hear the loud “sparking” sound. Does that mean I’m prone to start a fire hazard/explosion? However, the worst static shocks are the ones that I get off from my dad’s car in the morning as he sometime sends me to work. So my dad told me to touch the car windows first before opening the car door. Jeez! I felt like a silly little girl as my dad made me demonstrate the correct way of getting down the car in order to prevent static shocks at this old ripe age.

In any case, its time to get leather shoes that has highly insulating plastic soles. :)

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i just freaking fell off my chair!!!!!!!! one of its legs broke wheni was trying to mug and i went "oooof!" when i landed cos i landed so hard it knocked all the wind out of me. brain seems intact but im def going to wake up looking bruised and battered tomorrow.

speaking of waking up i dont think i will be able to wake up since im not going to be going to bed at all now am i? there's so so so much work to do but its not an unpleasant feeling at all. usually being uncertain is the absolute pits, but at this point i think i'm quite curious(?) about what is going to happen everyday and im enjoying about all the new things i'm learning at law skool and all the new people im learning abt. at the very least i think im going to learn to be more independent... i think im spoilt rotten by the people ard me:) my daddy dragged himself out of bed to proof read my first ever case and he circled all my grammar mistakes with a pink highlighter. i think i'll never be more than ten years old to that guy and yet these days i feel like im so much older than him, yknow?

ps:BYE MICH!!! I'm sorry to see u go but i know u miss SOMEONE ELSE haha.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Yikes! = ) I meant that as a joke actually, since I could not make it to Singapore. I was unfortunate, or careless, enough to suffer a second bout of conjunctivitis. Probably because I did not wash and disinfect my blanket the first time.

Winter is coming! Don't miss the snowy peaks of Victoria, New South Wales and New Zealand! Snow boarding is way fun!

Random Post: Zouk here seems to be doing pretty well. I hear from friends that they play good music and its nice inside. All I know is that its got a funky (read: strange) exterior and disco goers reminiscent of mindless zombies who focus only on reaching the club to the exclusions of everything else... especially incoming traffic. I can't honestly say I wasn't tempted to run them over... = P

Qingya, I have no idea what predicament has landed you in hospital and have not asked, but all the same I wish you a speedy recovery! Hospitals are boring. = ( Hmm... unless of course you happen to have cute doctors or nurses attending to you. = )

siao mei

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hi people,

back in perth now. slept almost the whole day the day i got back: on the plane, in the afternoon, at night. didn't get much sleep the 2-3 nights before that so i'm still tired. i was meant to come to uni to get some work done but i fell asleep after doing some chores in the morning. guess i'll have to study tonight now.

it's been great to be back this time though i hardly saw any of the gang. sorry i didn't get to meet some of you. timing was a problem. but it was good to see qingya again. at the same time, it was quite painful to see her under these circumstances. WE LOVE YOU QINGYA!!!

thanx for spending so much time with me stel, it was good at least i saw so much of you. hope gorilla's not angry with me :) i went shopping for my shoes again with my sisters on sat night but by the time we got to town, everything was just closing so i treated myself to some CDs instead. haven't bought a CD in ages. pretty happy. i think ben's even happier though. he's been hogging my new CDs.

chen hoe: very very glad to see you blogging. keep those posts coming. and dun be so sensitive. must we snail mail you an invitation for you to come to visit the gang? come on, you know we'll all love to see you. it think it's easy for us to demand you go to s'pore but it's not as easy for you to go down, so maybe that's why they dun ask. btw what are u sick with now? mail me alright?

gotta go home at have dinner now. haven't eaten a thing today, i think......memory's not quite good. :P ciao ciao!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

*Whoops! Sorry Stella. I deleted the other post because I was having trouble editing it.

Sounds like almost everyone is in Singapore. I am ermz... too sick to go down to Singapore. Yes, thats right. Not that anyone invited me anyways. = )

When is Qingya and Shihui leaving the country? Hmm... and how many persons are there in the Girly Gang now?

Enjoy your stay in Singapore! Tralala and all that!

siaoz mei

and now for some random entertainment Ali G style. (http://www.mackers.com/alig/) Check it.

sounds dig almost everyone is in singapore. i am ermz... too sick to go down to singapore. aye, dats right. not dat anyone invited me anyways. = )

whun is qingya and shihui leavin da turf? mm... and ow many persons is there in da girly crew now? dig your stay in singapore! tralala and all dat!

siaoz mei

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

hullo girls,

survived the 1st day at law school. i think i can sort of understand how jerri feels cos most of my peers are much older, serious-type . i need more girls!!!cross yr fingers for me! thank goodness that my old classmates are just next door or i would have gone mad by now.


shoe shopping for lianghui + qingya's cute pug!

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

hi darlings!!

i'll be back tomorrow. my flight will arrive at about 9pm. prob too late to meet up cos most of u have to work. i've got to study for a test tomorrow night anyway. so perhaps dinner on tuesday? it's prob the only day all of us can meet together. please please make it. i'll try and wringle my way out of anything my dad might impose on me when i get back.

qingya, you mentioned u were going in on wednesday. give me a call and we'll try and meet up for a bit longer on tuesday ok? call the usual number or if u lost it, check with the other girls. or i could try to visit you after wednesday. i have to, have to see you this time. who knows when we will meet again?

sooo looking forward to see all of you. i really hope i won't be too busy to see all of you. if that's the case, i'll try and extend my trip and spend one extra day there. i'll see how it goes.

ps: btw, my phone might not work tomorrow night cos it got suspended. so call my home. will msg all of u once it's connected.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

im back! it was fab :))))))))))))))))))))

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In relation to work observations:

Fannster: %&#!!!* Whinning and bitching over work*.

friend: "The standard must be low at your shop."

Fannster: I know and please don't rub it in.

friend: "So the lesson here is don't spend too much time in such place. Learn what you can and move on. Don't stay beyond a year; bad habits stick hard from a lousy job. Meanwhile, stop pointing out to people how bad their ideas are.They might just smack you one of these days."

Fannster:I don't worry too much about the oxymoron of impact and comfort these days.

Friend:" Sorry, unfortunately, the world is bloody complicated. And life's not fair and all that crap."

I reckon there's a point in working life where it can be nothing but only work till reduction to one pile of shit arse work after the other. Guess what girlies?
There are just people out there who actually gets all comfortable being in amidst piles of shit. Or maybe it’s that shitty smell that lingers in their cozy heart that they are really comfy with. However, the most pathetic people I’ve observed from work are folks who love/try too hard sucking shit from shitheads!!! And we all know that, those people will rot in hell and be total shitheads too. Apparently, hard-working brain cells breed more brain cells so the job should get easier as one develop them.

Happy note: I'm picking up my air tixs tomorrow.
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girls....I am back! Just got back this morning and had to see 2 doctors. I am scheduled for my feet operation next wednesday. So please please meet up with me this week! I miss seeing all of you!
love love love and love,
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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Helloooo girlies..... why has everyone been so quiet?? It's a new week and isn't it simply wonderful? another week of hard work/study for most of us. trying to do my readings now. have to do as much as i can before i fly off, i gotta figure out how to get internet connection in s'pore through the phone line. does anyone know?

my sis is going to learn to play the cello and i'm sooo jealous!!! hopefully she'll have one by the time i go back and i can fiddle round with it.

it's been rather cold and grey for the last few days. freezing cold and windy. one day last week, it went down to 0 degrees and i had frost all over my car. and i had to leave home at 8.30am. made a miserable little snowball with the frost on my windscreen and threw it at ben. hahaha.... cheap thrills.
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