Sunday, August 08, 2004

hi darlings!!

i'll be back tomorrow. my flight will arrive at about 9pm. prob too late to meet up cos most of u have to work. i've got to study for a test tomorrow night anyway. so perhaps dinner on tuesday? it's prob the only day all of us can meet together. please please make it. i'll try and wringle my way out of anything my dad might impose on me when i get back.

qingya, you mentioned u were going in on wednesday. give me a call and we'll try and meet up for a bit longer on tuesday ok? call the usual number or if u lost it, check with the other girls. or i could try to visit you after wednesday. i have to, have to see you this time. who knows when we will meet again?

sooo looking forward to see all of you. i really hope i won't be too busy to see all of you. if that's the case, i'll try and extend my trip and spend one extra day there. i'll see how it goes.

ps: btw, my phone might not work tomorrow night cos it got suspended. so call my home. will msg all of u once it's connected.
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