Monday, August 16, 2004

hi people,

back in perth now. slept almost the whole day the day i got back: on the plane, in the afternoon, at night. didn't get much sleep the 2-3 nights before that so i'm still tired. i was meant to come to uni to get some work done but i fell asleep after doing some chores in the morning. guess i'll have to study tonight now.

it's been great to be back this time though i hardly saw any of the gang. sorry i didn't get to meet some of you. timing was a problem. but it was good to see qingya again. at the same time, it was quite painful to see her under these circumstances. WE LOVE YOU QINGYA!!!

thanx for spending so much time with me stel, it was good at least i saw so much of you. hope gorilla's not angry with me :) i went shopping for my shoes again with my sisters on sat night but by the time we got to town, everything was just closing so i treated myself to some CDs instead. haven't bought a CD in ages. pretty happy. i think ben's even happier though. he's been hogging my new CDs.

chen hoe: very very glad to see you blogging. keep those posts coming. and dun be so sensitive. must we snail mail you an invitation for you to come to visit the gang? come on, you know we'll all love to see you. it think it's easy for us to demand you go to s'pore but it's not as easy for you to go down, so maybe that's why they dun ask. btw what are u sick with now? mail me alright?

gotta go home at have dinner now. haven't eaten a thing today, i think......memory's not quite good. :P ciao ciao!

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