Monday, May 12, 2003

I've got a cat!! ok....so maybe it's not mine and it doesn't live with me (i can't keep pets in my apartment). But this cat's been visiting me every few days waiting downstiars by my balcony. It's got a beautiful brown coat that gleams in the sunlight... I don't think its a stray, it's got a tag....It's called Belle. I've been feeding it and playing with it... i was trying to lure the cat up to my balcony but it's such a scardy cat (pun not intended) it refuse to even try jumping up, But it's still sweet. I was feeding it cheese the other day and the cheese got stuck right on top of it's head and it didn't even know..it was hilarious... I've painted her name on a old tuperware i'm feeding her from. i feel like cat-napping it...hyuk hyuk hyuk......
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