Thursday, October 21, 2004

i've got the bloody flu again.... grmph.....and i've got 2 assignments due next week, one of which is an essay i have no clue where to start from. i've got 6 days... shit.... i feel horrible... i can't decide if i should be fully working on them or should be spending my time trying to recuperate cos the week after i've got another assignment due as well as a final exam... so i really have to be well for that......

but somehow, i'm not that freaked by it, i think i'll come out on top somehow. but there's this disconcerting thought at the back of my head that i might fail this one unit still, considering i barely got a pass for the 1st assignment.... what if i'm totally clueless about this unit but don't realise it and fail the 2nd assignment as well? shit..... but i'm determine not to let that bother me. i've done this before, why can't i do it again? i shall perservere!!!!
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