Saturday, October 02, 2004

hi darls,

how've u all been? just wanted to see how everyone is.

qingya: what have u been up to? hope you're feeling better. not as painful i hope.
angie: enjoying your freedom? how have u been spending your time?
stel: how did your exams go? all over?
gayle: how's it going, girl? hanging in there? did you go for the job you wanted?
mich: how's uni? gotten back into the routine yet? hope you're not feeling too homesick
fanni: already to go, girlfriend? eat all the local food you can before you go.

having this week off. non-teaching week but i've got so much work i can't think of them without having a panic attack. *breathe in, breath out*.......phew....i dunno how i can do this for another semester. there's this one unit that i just don't get.....if i'm unlucky, this will the 1st time i fail a unit. dang....my average is so gonna suffer. cross your fingers for me, darls......
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