Sunday, June 20, 2004

hi girlies,

nothing much to blog about... last exam tomorrow and i'm constantly in a half dazed mode. drinking red bull not helping that much.. sleeping patterns all screwed up....slept for 4 hours last night from 11pm to 3 am... i think my body thought it was a nap and not proper sleep....stupid bodyclock. spend the rest of the day like a zombie.

was studying in the uni labs yesterday and there was this couple sharing the labs with me and they were gross!!!! i honestly didn't know what to do.... i had my headphones on and was head banging to my CDs (to wake myself up) when i noticed at the corner of my eye something was going on. they weren't just kissing. you go figure the rest. can't see exactly what was going on, but i know it's something dodgy. and the security camera was pointing right at them!!! i refused to leave that lab cos the other labs were all sooo noisy and i didn't want to be bullied into leaving. finally a friend came to join me and was shocked to find me in that lab, of all labs. some people have no shame. someone said they prob just have a fetish about it. GO GET A ROOM FOR PETE'S SAKE! SOME PEOPLE HAVE THEIR DIGNITY AND SOME PEOPLE HAVE EXAMS TO STUDY FOR!!!

can't wait till tomorrow. i'll be free!!!!!...i'll sleep for 2 day 2 nights and go clubbing and watch dvds all day....bwahahahaha!!!!
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