Monday, March 15, 2004

you girls are right. we are all getting so old.... it funny how our topics of conversations evolve over the years. we've got to the age, way past teenage arrogance to bring our parents out for dinner. i actually find it a real treat to spend time with gayle and angie's moms, might be due to my lack of one, i don't know, but they are really nice.

angie: wish your mom a belated happy birthday from me. wish i could have been there.

so stel, how did you feel in a wedding dress? did you start hyper-ventilating like carrie when she first put on her wedding gown? or were u more like charlotte?

fanni: i think you are working too hard, imagining everything to be advertising and PR. chill out, sista!

and to straighten upthe facts, i wouldn't consider that a honeymoon especially considering there were 3 of us and staying in a backpacker's dorm. plus the fact i could have died (details from g). but ignoring the last statement, yes, it was a good trip. got really close to his friend, Felicia. known her for 2 years and she never seemed too friendly before. but we got along fantastically while she was here and i was soooo sad when she left for s'pore. i kept asking her to extend her stay, but she was quite broke already. and the day after that, one of my 2 gfs here went back for good. leaving me to feel rather pathetic. of cos, share's here but she's got some personal problems and i haven;t even met up with her yet. i guess gabriel's around (though i don't think he'll look good in a skirt) and i haven't met up with him either. girls! pack yourselves into boxes and ship yourselves. i need a girlygang hug.

other than that, all's well, rushing through assignments and homework and bitching about my loser lecturers daily.

gayle: don't be too sad about amos, i'm sure he'll miss you too. he might be naughty but i'm sure he loves you. it was good while it lasted.

mich: be good and finish your work and go have a ball of a time!!!

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