Tuesday, March 16, 2004

on the contrary, i was fully aware that those 2 years were the best times of my life then. i guess prob cos i was never really happy in sec sch, i was fully aware of how much happier i was when i got to jc. just flipped through our jc photo album and got a few things to add to the list for 98 and 99....

stella: guo fu chen (i've got photographic proof....hahhaa), the ant (with photographic proof as well)
gayle: dressing up, up, up, bottle
Shihui: how to hide from mr. ho, 'HotDate' ( i remember cheryl ho guessing what HD meant and she thought it was hong dou)
Angie: multiple ear holes, writing letters on nice paper.
Qingya: tube tops

do you guys every wonder, our lives feel so tiring and stressful compared to 5 yeras back. do u think it's gonna get worse. what's going to happen in 10 years? will things be worse and we'll wonder what the hell we were thinking and grumbling about in 2004? i often wonder if i would have gone crazy by then, working under stress and losing all my hair. no matter what, i really hope i still have every single one of you with me then.
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