Thursday, March 25, 2004

i've been trying to sleep earlier and wake up earlier and do work in the morning cos i never get work done at night now cos i get back 8 or 9 from class tired and unable to study. but i doubt i can sleep early tonight. classmate made me a potent cup of coffee during the lecture break in the evening just now. (as i am typing here, i can hear some of my nieghbours or someone on the street having sex.....gross) we went to the post grad tea room for the business sch and make ourselves some free coffee though we're not actually allowed cos we're not from business sch but they can't really tell...and when we got there, they just finished some little celebration and had cakes and piza leftovers and like the greedy people we were, we helped ourselves to them and gobbled the food down, esp the guys (which is basically the whole class considering there are only 2 girls in it).

i can't take pictures of the cat, i have no digicam. oh well, life of a poor student. i'm waiting for someone to give me one.

who are the kiwi boys?

actually, working at the esplanade sounds like fun. it is at least a nice environment to work in. but careful of bitcy patrons. did you read the papers about the bobby mcferrin concert when late comers weren't let in till an hour later and how some got agitated and almost physical? but the training sounds like a drag but you'll prob get to meet new people. look on the bright side, at least you won't be expected to sing like in american idol.

maybe i should try and get some work done now since i'm nowhere near falling asleep esp with ben snoring behind me now.
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