Thursday, October 09, 2003

hi all...

stel, you feeling better now? sorry i couldn't talk to you last night... don't worry it'll all be over.... i keep telling myself it really isn't as bad as it looks.... for some reason i feel really deprived from sleep though i get 6 hours in a night at least. why can't i be like normal people? why can't my brain just rest when i'm sleeping like everyone else? now i'm awake but tired, totally unproductive.

and about friendster....i'm a bit frightened now cos i've been hiding from people for the last few years and now suddenly i can be found so easily... i rather stay hidden from "friends" i don't want to associate with anymore.

but i am glad to have a chance to find some old friends as well...and it is rather hilarious reading about some people whose head seems so big that you can fit 1000 elephants in it. and some of those pictures...OMG....it seems friendster is turning into some kinda of popularity and beauty contest.... "look at me, i'm popular and gorgeous".... eeeeew...

and reading testimonials make me feel evil too...like why are people bothering being so nice? ... i guess cos i'm erratic now, i find everything annoying and ridiculous....i just want to be left alone but at the same time, i know i can't afford to ignore everyone cos i'll end up a hermit and cranky ol fool living in a storm drain.
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