Tuesday, August 17, 2004


i just freaking fell off my chair!!!!!!!! one of its legs broke wheni was trying to mug and i went "oooof!" when i landed cos i landed so hard it knocked all the wind out of me. brain seems intact but im def going to wake up looking bruised and battered tomorrow.

speaking of waking up i dont think i will be able to wake up since im not going to be going to bed at all now am i? there's so so so much work to do but its not an unpleasant feeling at all. usually being uncertain is the absolute pits, but at this point i think i'm quite curious(?) about what is going to happen everyday and im enjoying about all the new things i'm learning at law skool and all the new people im learning abt. at the very least i think im going to learn to be more independent... i think im spoilt rotten by the people ard me:) my daddy dragged himself out of bed to proof read my first ever case and he circled all my grammar mistakes with a pink highlighter. i think i'll never be more than ten years old to that guy and yet these days i feel like im so much older than him, yknow?

ps:BYE MICH!!! I'm sorry to see u go but i know u miss SOMEONE ELSE haha.

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