Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hi girls

I went a nice dinner with some of my christian friends at Rice Table in International Building last night. The indonesian food served there was buffet style on the ala-carte menu. It’s not bad seriously for each head costing 22 bucks. However, when i was enoying the catching session with my friends there. I found some thing strange. Firstly, the whole restaurants was full of chicks. I swear to God, it probably is hosting some SDU function there last night. The ladies at the table next to mine, don’t seem to know each other as they sat down and partake a dinner together. The best part, they really seem to be having a hook up session with the lads on the next table. They are proabaly applying what SDU had evenaglise to them such as "Successfully Attracting Members of the Opposite Sex" or "Finding Your Soul-mate...

I admit eardropping to their conversation and I’m slightly entertained by the gestures of the ladies at that table. Not, i’m surprised, i can even feel the awkardness of the ladies. Yupe, it seems that the chicks are totally trying to get hooked up. Whereas the dude just came in to look-see the chicks. You can see how a 30 year working woman ages from per se a 30 year man. The chicks seems to hace words engraved on their forehead, "Date me, I haven't got a date since 1996" kinda scene. Well, the guys do not look old at all and they just don’t seem to be interested in those chicks. I wondered why the government keeps bombarding singaporeans with idyllic images of marriage and family life? Silly ain’t it? If there’s anything i know about SDU, I really find them amusing. Really amusing.


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