Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Hello girls,
*blushes profusely* thank you all very much for your kind words.

Mich: God wouldn't want to see you so early yet. The magnitude of your fear in this tube incident really makes me wonder sometimes where God is. I do hope that tomorrow you will wake to a beautiful sunrise. maybe it will be the start of better things.

angie/gayle: We have to settle the money thingy after angie gets back from indo.

jerri: What you are feeling are pretty much about perception. Reminds me of Patch Adams and seeing past the 4 fingers - when we focus too much on the immediate problem, we tend to miss out on the greater picture. But thanks for the reminder. I know you are strong enough to do that :)

qingya: Yum! Danish bread is so tasty. So nice to have your boyfriend bake together while u help him out. Awwwwwww! So sweet. Hope you too enjoy your easter break before you head back to Binghamton.

stel: How did david and you spend the birthday night?

:) fannster
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