Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Shihui! Cheer up!! I know it is hard not having anyone around you, especially in times like this. Getting yourself immersed in school work is not the solution either..sigh..what can I say? Time will pass by quickly and the semester will just fly past before you actually feel it! It goes the same for me. My life is very monotonous now, everyday is just gym, work, home and sleep for me. Not forgetting that I have to work almost 6 days a week and attend functions on top of that. In fact, I don't contact anyone during the weekday at all, I just hide in my shell and hibernate the working week away. This is really bad, but I don't have the energy and mood to do anything during the week. All I want is just time for myself, and more leisure time to do activities that I like!

p.s- And looking forward to frequent updates on the blog!

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