Tuesday, March 30, 2004

okeee...these pics prove once n for all dat i need to lose some serious weight....and no gayle, u do not look the least bit intoxicated.....me n gayle have been constantly emailing each other @work.....since currently we are the onli sorrie arses serving confinement in cubicles.....sob sob..

i havent been bloggin for awhile.....but i do still read past blogs by u girlies......and i burst out laughing readin stels "how did we get old so fast"....and i tink fanni is scratching her head figuring out wat garzes n berries were...poor thing....
but dun worry la.....it was nothing glamourous to write home about!!

but aside from dat......stel's right about dat bein the sweetest times of our lives.....we were prolly too engrossed and full of ourselves n the problems we TOT we had, dat we were blinded from seeing the true beauty n sweetness n simplicity surrounding our lives. Seriously, wat did we hav to worry bout besides passing exams n doin HW?? worry bout not bein cool enuff...worry bout ppl bitching bout us...worry bout the crush u barely know hangin out wit a girl u cant stand????
i can clearly see now dat we realli do create our own problems, it was never an issue till we make it an issue....
so it is true dat we have a choice...hmmmm

anyhows...., tis too late to be lamenting over sweet days gone by....i guess the lesson to be learnt from here is to always cherish wat we have in our lives this very second, seize the moment cos we will never hav another one like it. dun keep focusing on the problems u hav, deal wit it effectively if u can, but if its outta ur reach, jus let time take care of it. i know everyone's got their own problems, n will never go away unless someting is done, but dun let dat take over ur life, n remember to stop n see the good side of things. must remember dat we hav each other...to help along the way wen it gets too hard...we share sweet memories, bad ones & esp embaressing ones!!!...i know dat i've been suffering from partial memory loss...but im thankful I have u girls to remind me of past events I have long sent to exile =)

in a few yrs time we'd hav a different set of problems to tackle with: bein married...juggling kids n work...struggling financially to make ends meet....deteriorating physical/mental health....bills bills bills.....in laws....committing adultry..??!
heh....but seriously la, lets not all wait till then to realise wat good times we are having now oke...if not, we'd onli be goin thru another vicious cycle. Pause for a moment to reflect on life, its too short to have any regrets.

love yourself, love the life you live!

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