Tuesday, March 30, 2004

My dear Stella Artois, you made really good points but I actually have already been openminded enough to see all that in the past 3 years and have really been there for her. I think I've been sympathetic enough towards Dara don't you think? Just imagine me hanging out with you guys and after like 20 mins, I say "I don't like this, I have to go, I have to go" (looking pissed off with the world)...and doing this practically EVERYTIME for about 3 years. It is cumulative and has really taken a toll on me. I get depressed and moody more often than not...it's very infectious. I have been very sympathetic and have been trying to help her all this time, but I think it's about time that she learns to help herself. Btw, I was laughing my ass off when you said that you would throw hair dye. You are just too funny! Haha.
My dear Gayle,
So who does Dara remind you of from college? I am most certainly interested to know! You look great in the picture from the "elevation party" whatever that is...
My dear Angie,
Thank you, I definitely do hope that things will eventually get better between Dara and I...
My dear Shihui,
I just read your comment....Now that I've been more annoyed about the whole Dara situation than clearheaded, I really appreciate your opinion. Si si, I will try not to make her problem mine. I guess I'm just way too affected...haha.
Missing you all ever so much,
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