Monday, March 15, 2004

How did we get so old so fast
5 years ago our thought processes went like this (pls feel free to add on in future posts what you remember abt 1998):

mich: o-levels o-levels o-levels
angie: garz , kinokuniya stickers, wang lee hom, mambo, obsessing abt hair
g + stella: berries (fanni ask everyone what berries and garzes are ), guitar club , nicknames , messy hair
shihui: talking to wayne and chenho, trumpets, pre-rebonded hair
fanni: i dunno but pls tell me!!! all the icki details pls
qingya: sitting on high benches only, adoring looks from ruggers, getting bitchy messages on her motorola pager, high socks

now whats on our mind:
everyone: work, money, growing up, parents, past disappointments, unpleasant changes, guilt , stress, reality.

im sure we'll still live to see brilliance, true girlfriends for one, are blessings not everyone has. what i don't understand though is why we felt so troubled back then.....

it was probably the sweetest time of our lives.


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