Sunday, March 21, 2004

Hello beauties....

Keep blogging the happenings around you guys kay...
Angie, Stella, Gayle.. Let's go to party one of these days. Let's have fun and go dancing.. Yes, where are the rest of the girls?? Common, dun be lazy girls. Fill us up with the goss

Anyway, I’ve just got back watching “Monster”. It was great show. If you guys really read the news and folllowing on what’s going on. You will suspect that the movie was a FICTIONALISED AILEEN WURONOS. Who she was and what happened was changed to make the audience sympathetic to her. But the REAL Aileen Wuernos killed all the men cold blood.There was no evidence of abuse and she confessed, with nothing to lose, that they never abused her.

The real Aileen was a cold blooded killer with no respect for human life and she was executed for her crimes. Don't confuse that with "movie Aileen" played by Charlize Theron. It would be like comparing TV series Batman with movie Batman.

However, throughout the show, I could see somewhat the little “Aileen Wuornos” in me. I remembered she said something like that in the movie. Disclaimer: Not that I will go around and killing people, but the fact the intensity love relationship with her girlfriend really make my heart wringe. (Note: I’m not attracted to girls). But, those lines she spoke to girlfriend, thou Christina Ricci had the authorities decked their phone conversation in the last part of the movie

Aileen Wuornos said this at the end of the movie;
"Love conquers all...Every cloud has a silver lining, faith can move mountains, love will always find a way, all you need is love, and everything happens for a reason, where there's love, there's hope…

Oh, well… Or I just relate to those quotes a little too much. Very much in her, I still believe there is inherent good out there in the world, and sometimes when life really gets too tough. All you really need is love.

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