Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Dearest Qinya...

I do agree with the gals that dara is just plain ol' drama queen. I guess you should try to distance yourself from her. Like all friendships, its takes 2 persons to cultivate, and , if Dara "stands you up" all the time, and being a total bitch, I think there is nothing you could do much after talking to her. Maybe, Dara should seek professional counselling...

So sweetie, cheer up... It sucks to have your friend turn away from you for no apprent reasons. Perhaps, sometimes, things are just meant to be that way. If Dara doesn't respect you as a friend, you just may have to be more like Pink Floyd.

In Pink Floyd's words, "I've become comfortably numb. Like I've stood still way too long, and now there are pins and needles in my legs and I just can't move. All I'm doing is hang on till the sensation has faded away, and try to shift my feet again."

Hope everything's wonderful where you are and I know it is.
We still miss you and love you lots

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