Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Dearest Qingya,
I truly think Dara is crazy! She strikes me as totally insecure and suffering from low self esteem. I can understand if she gets into sudden lapses of moodswings and starts throwing tantrums sometimes, but I cannot tolerate the fact that she does it almost every time you guys are out. It is absolutely annoying and inconsiderate! I don't know what drove her to this extent; it might be an unhappy childhood or traumatic family experience..oh well I won't bother to make a guess, just leave it to the experts! However, this is all very sad, and it probably feels like losing someone that was so important in your life. Theres nothing you can really do about it! Leave her to be at the moment, I think you have tried hard enough to salvage the situation. Don't be sad Qingya, at least you know we are always here for you.

p.s- I think Dara reminds me of a certain someone from college, but worse.


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