Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Helo Girly girls.....havent been here in awhile.....dunno where to start.....

Shihui: Oei!! how u able to make ur name appear instead of the gg??? i tink dat'll be easier to recognise ppl....do teach! nothing much been goin on in spore, jus the usual once a wk movie date (last show Rating: **)

Fanni: no i doubt thumper will help hunter....but we'll see ur sequeal la.....

U know wat.....i tink the blue entry is done by.......chingya???? well, since its not mich.....not much ppl left to accuse..heh. hope she is doin better now tho'........
gayle prolly hasnt blogged in awhile cos she busy busy bee la....ne'mind we'll squeeze everything outta her the next time we meet up!!! but i hav to share something i tot was funnie wit y'all: i was with her last nite @siglap killiney kopitiam, gayle was talking talking, i was facing her, wen all of a sudden, she had a shocked look n stopped tokking n jus said "omg so cute!!" she was of course refering to some guy who walked pass about to walk into StarBucks. But i have to point out, IT HAS BEEN SOOOOO LONG SINCE I HEARD THOSE WORDS COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH...with a touch of passion some more! hmmm...mabbe gayle's back in touch wit her 'girly-crush' side?? its a good sign =D we must encourage gayle!!

as for me...nothing new in life....work is stil the same....
my bunnies are a mth old now!!! hee
and....1st mth pay shall be invested in......an IPOD muhahahhahaha
no i am not mad...i jus need to justify why i am waking up @6.30am every morn..why i am wasting my youth in a cubicle...why i am bein ordered around like sheep..why why WHY???
so i can buy IPOD
lets jus see how long this rationality can sustain my sanity...ok gals??

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