Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hello my dear beauty queens!

Its finally time to kiss goodbye to a stressful yet eventful week; I thank god its friday (literally)! I am looking forward to our girly weekend dates!

Most of you would probably ask me why I had been so stressed out lately? Answer- Work! Yes, its all got to do with starting my career, getting fed up and making a career switch!

Haha, to be more specific...............I started work at SACEOS, and realised my job was totally menial..drafting letters, using lousy pentium 2 pc with no internet, no proper work station, getting claustrophic in an earth quake shaken office blah blah and the list goes on!

Feeling somehow demoralised and disappointed after the first day of work, I went home on a peak hour Monday, barely trying to keep my balance on a jerking trans island bus when SRC called me up to schedule for an interview the following day.

Boy was I excited! I put in my best effort and yes, I got in.

Goodbye saceos, hello src. Wish me luck!


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