Sunday, September 21, 2003

Girrls, i just finished season 6 of sex and the city,i cant believe i gotta wait till january till it starts again. First no more futurama ever, now no sex-city. There's nothing else funny on the kazaa. I dont think i will ever smile again.

I'm having madness-insomnia. Its 6.30 am and i havnt slept a wink. OK i shall just while my last hour writing you lar-lings a letter. I miss having all of you around at once.

Mich:you are leaving soon..you should make a speech so that you can look in this diary two years later and remember how you felt. Who is going to wear weird clothes with me after you are gone? I'll have to storage all my odd things now. Remember to pack yr jellybean sweater. :(
G: You're my dear friend, hang in there. x.
Hui: I think i miss you the most cos i hardly get to talk to you. Quick, tell me whats happening with you these days. Hows your Ben, the house and your fatcat and work and Lianghui and everything?
Qya: hullo?

im grummmps and im so very sleepy.why cant i be one of those little old ladies that fall asleep like*snapsnap*

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