Friday, August 29, 2003

this is for shihuii..we really missed you tonight!

just got back from qingya's place, so this is to tell you what we did!
+ up to altivo, nice view but horrible music. i thought it was k-pop, gayle thinks its p-pop (portugese pop).
+ all get headaches from intoxicating illusion (!), margarita and white wine. and we only took sips!
+ mich arrives and we are all glad she did, phoned huihui , we joked a lot but we are sad and we realli miss you!wish you were here..
+ all bundle off in cab to qingya's. we take lots of stupid pics. we climbed over the fence onto the roof. gayle as usual was stuck, but has improved. she only dangled in midair for a little while. i climb over fence in my miniskirrt..woooo.
+stared at mars. it looks like a huge-ass star but qingya says it was orangey a few days ago.

now im homme,im realli glad we met up today. who knows how many years will pass before we're on the roof again doing stupid things that only stupid girls do togetherrrr.:(

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