Saturday, June 21, 2003

my god its only 10am and ive been thru a hell-load of shit already. travelled an hr to sch only to find the library closedd! so i waited eons for a bus back and then got on a wrong one...ended up at buona vista...was so angry i waved at a cab. which contained a tiko ahpek who took me for rounds in the taxi travelling ard singapore. when i passed cj i wanted to box his ears!the round was sooo ridiculous man, i dunno how to begin describing it. i shall complain abt him grossssssssss. the other worst incident i had was this taxi driver who rigged his meter...his meter read 12 bucks for a journey tt usually cost me 8...i often take that route so i asked him abt it and he said okok la i give u discount...how much u usually pay...8 is it...okok 8 lor. WTF. i really HATE taxi drivers.

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