Tuesday, May 27, 2003

yesterday was a day of Hi-s and Lo-s.

I was Lo when i saw my exams grades and saw that i only did so-so. Worried that my grades had dropped . EEPS.

Then i opened the honours roll and realized i was on it!

Went home and my orange hamster had passed away :( She was only 5 mths old. Byebye Mustard. SIbyl sobbed like mad and wrote her a note to put in her coffinbox. She sobbingly told me we would have to write to our ex-maid to tell her, cos it was my ex-maids fave hamster. :(

Then my father empited his wallet and gave it to me cos he was so happy abt the honors thing.

WHat a day of HIs and LOs. :( :)

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