Saturday, May 03, 2003

cuticura (06:45 PM) :
i needta shit damn bad but im lazy to go
mich (06:46 PM) :
u pig...shit in ur pants loh
cuticura (06:48 PM) :
i shat in the storeroom b4, when i was a kid
mich (06:48 PM) :
gross !
cuticura (06:52 PM) :
what is the grossest thing u have ever done
mich (06:52 PM) :
i dunno i think i once had to dig shit out of my arse
mich (06:52 PM) :
when i had constipation.....i was so gross out i felt weak
cuticura (06:52 PM) :
i used to shit in my panties n throw them downstairs. then i wd be so guiltstricken id wake my mother up at nite n tell her
mich (06:52 PM) :
and was pale the whole day
cuticura (06:53 PM) :
eee i hate shit. how i wish pple no need to shit bathe n pee
mich (06:53 PM) :
hahah i dare u to post this up on the blog

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