Monday, April 07, 2003

Salve my dear friends! Il tempo passa cosi velocemente! This semester is coming to an end! I am sooooo sick of Binghamton. Can't believe I still have another year!! I'll be taking summer classes too...which reminds me. I will be taking 2 terms of summer classes instead of 1. This means that I will only be home in Singapore for about 3 weeks or so!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sucks big big big BIG time. I'm really starting to hate Binghamton man. But I LOVE my classes though. So I guess this evens out. Easter Break's coming next week! 5 days of vacation for me. I will be going on a road trip with about 2 of my Japanese guy friends. I say about cos I'm not sure if any other people will be joining us. We still don't know whereabouts we are going yet but I guess we will figure out soon enough. Can't wait! I've been seeing Arthur alot this semester so I guess the Easter break will give us both a break. Anyway, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY STELLA! I'm so sorry for not wishing you earlier. What did you do on you bday? Had lots of fun? My parents have been telling me about the SARS. It really sounds scary. Please take good care of yourselves my friend!! I miss you guys terribly!! Will write again soon! Ciao, ciao!
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