Monday, April 21, 2003

hi girls,

been really really tired recently mugging for my exams thru the night and sleeping at 11am in the morning. days and nights just circle me and i seem to lose track of time.

had a really psycho dream yesterday... dreamt my hamsters gave birth and amongst the pink jellybean-like baby hamsters. i realized she had given birth to a life-size human baby that was pink n skinless n jellylike and screaming its head off. when hams give birth you are not supposed to touch the babies or she will most certainly cannibalize them .i was in a dilemna of whether to carry the baby away cos it was sitting up n crying with hands outreached. i was afraid the hamster mother would eat it too so my dream ended with me fretting about what to do. is that psycho or what??? what does it meaaaaaaaaaan..

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